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No more media for St Peter’s College principal

No more media for St Peter’s College principal

The principal of Gore’s St Peter’s College, Tara Quinney, has been restrained from speaking to the media amid a fraught relationship with the school board.

St Peter’s College was placed under limited statutory management in April, with lawyer Nicola Hornsey appointed the Statutory Manager to oversee governance after the board and principal sought intervention from the Ministry of Education.

Hornsey’s initial report in July underscored a plethora of issues plaguing the Catholic co-ed school, including poor employment practices, a fractured governance framework and a diminished student voice.

Her latest report, released on 24 August, indicated that tensions between Principal Quinney and the board remained high.

When asked by media outlet Stuff whether the relationship between Quinney and the St Peter’s College board could be repaired, Quinney responded that she was not permitted to speak on the matter.

“Part of any principal’s role as the professional ‘CEO’ is to find a way to work with all new board members to establish a healthy working relationship, an agreed model of governance and a form of reporting to the board that meets the board’s requirements,” said Hornsey.

Hornsey affirmed that board members were diligently executing their roles and were committed to enriching the educational experience at St Peter’s College.

She also revealed that the board received several letters of complaint, pertaining largely to perceived damage to the school’s reputation due to media statements.

While Hornsey’s report acknowledged that the distinction between governance and management was understood at the school, she highlighted the absence of an effective communication system to keep the board informed.

“Until this trust and confidence is achieved, board members will, understandably, continue to ask questions about the day-to-day management of the school.”

The report concluded that all board members were engaged in ongoing training and that strides were being made to improve communication within the school community.


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