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New Zealand

Newly appointed police officer graduates from the 359th police station

Fifty-eight new recruits have been certified as constables and will graduate from their first training tomorrow and begin in the district on Monday, October 31st.

They are a diverse group that have held roles such as butcher, teacher, plumber, engineer, and farmer, one of whom is a published author.

Some join the New Zealand Police from all over the world, including South Africa, Papua New Guinea, India, Samoa and even Kashmir. Many of us have police blood, and some of our family members are either in the police force or are retired.

Recruit Amy Benthal, stationed in the Waitemata District, previously worked as a director and editor in television productions. She has edited New Zealand police shows such as Dog Squad and Dog Squad Puppy School, so she has an innate knowledge of policing.

She has also represented New Zealand in the Mounted Games of pony racing and has won two world team competitions, once as a rider and once as a coach. she said: This research led her to apply for the police force, along with her strong desire to make a positive difference in her community. ”

Wing 359 Leadership Award winner Lifu Petelo Mua’au was born in Samoa and came to New Zealand in 2012 with five siblings. He is the father of his two children and is passionate about setting an example. “I joined the police force because I want to keep our community safe, not just for my family, but for New Zealanders who need our help,” he says.

Following the Puhikura campaign, https://www.newcops.govt.nz/puhikura 359 Wing welcomed recruit Samantha Nash-Gati Awa. “Participating in the Puhikura recruitment campaign was life-changing for me. Joining the police force was something I wanted to do when I was young, but growing up, domestic violence was nothing new to me. So it’s great to be here and finally be able to make a difference,” she says.

Wing Patron Helmut Modlik is now Chief Executive Officer of Te Rūnanga o Toa Rangatira, focused on enhancing the mana, well-being and prosperity of Ngāti Toa Rangatira iwi, hapu and whānau. Helmut is an experienced CEO, director, businessman and consultant with specialized skills in business and economic development, including planning and setting up new ventures.


Minister’s Award for Best Student – Recruited Amy Bentall from Waitemata District.

Patron Award recognizing Recruit Edmund Hilder of the Canterbury District as the second best student.

Commissioner’s Leadership Award – Adopted Rif Peter Muau County Manukau County.

Physical Training and Defensive Tactics Award – Hire Nathaniel Pace from the Bay of Plenty area.

Driver Training and Road Security Practice Award – Recruited Rochelle Emmett from Wellington area.

Firearm Award – Looking for Carden Fitzgerald of the Waitemata District.


Wings are distributed over the following districts:

Northland – 2, Waitemata – 9, Auckland City – 2, County Manukau – 13, Waikato – 5, Bay of Plenty – 4, Eastern – 3, Central – 6, Wellington – 3, Tasman – 2, Canterbury – 5, Southern – Four

wing demographics

31.0% are female, 67.2% are male, and 1.7% are gender diverse.

New Zealand Europeans make up 69.0% of the wing, Maori 15.5%, Pacific 8.6%, Asians 5.2% and Latin American, African and Middle Eastern (LAAM) 1.7%.


Members of the press are welcome to attend the graduation parade at the Royal New Zealand Police College in Porirua. The ceremony he will begin on Thursday, October 20th at 10am. Media wishing to attend the graduation ceremony should contact the Police Media Center as soon as possible to register their attendance. media@police.govt.nz.

Also keep an eye out for the Ten One Magazine article and photos coming next week on the police website.

https://www.police.govt.nz/news/release/new-officers-graduate-police-wing-359 Newly appointed police officer graduates from the 359th police station

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