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New Zealand

New Zealand trade unions see best poll results in a year from ‘policy beacon’ | New Zealand

New Zealand’s trade unions are ahead of the curve in new polls, making them more likely to stay in power post-election than they have been in the past year.

It was the second poll this month that showed strong results for either Labor or the Greens, suggesting that the government is coordinating its nationwide disaster response, dealing with extreme weather events, and reducing the number of people in December 2018 to 2016. Support for the coalition is building after it announced it would deal with extreme weather in December 2016. give up part of the policy agenda Focus on economic issues.

1News Kantar, released Monday night, pushed the left, made up of Labor and its traditional coalition partners the Greens, ahead of the right. Labor fell two points to 36%, while the Greens rose four points to 11%. The centre-right National Party fell 3 percentage points to 34%, while its coalition partner Libertarian Right increased 1 percentage point to 11%.

As a result, the National Law Union will be unable to form a government. The Māori party, which has so far denied working with Akuto, will take him as a ‘kingmaker’ within the government, with 3% support in polls.

labor leader Chris Hipkins The prime minister’s approval rating also rose by 4 percentage points to 27%. National’s Christopher Luxon’s approval rating fell by 5 points to his 17%.

Result is A series of “policy bonfires” The new Labor leader has announced that the government will scrap various legislative work to focus on the “bread and butter problem”, particularly the high cost of living and inflationary pressures. , there are emission reduction policies. hate speech lawsome large-scale public transport projects, biofuel mandates, clean car incentives, public media mergers, and legislation to lower the voting age. While some of these decisions will fall outside the polling period, they will capture the broader direction of Labor’s reorientation with an emphasis on economic relief.

The shift in aid, also affected by Cyclone Gabriel, may indicate a positive attitude toward the government’s disaster response so far. Growing support for the Greens may indicate that the climate crisis is becoming an increasing priority for voters as they witness the devastating effects of extreme weather.

A poll by Curia in early March also showed strong results for Labor and Hipkins, with Labor leading the National for the first time in nearly a year. Hipkins also had a high personal favorability rating of 33% for him and a -2% for his Luxon.

https://www.theguardian.com/world/2023/mar/14/new-zealands-labour-coalition-sees-best-poll-result-in-a-year-after-policy-bonfire New Zealand trade unions see best poll results in a year from ‘policy beacon’ | New Zealand

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