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New Zealand

New Zealand honors ex-PM, Jacinda Ardern becomes a woman | Jacinda Ardern

New Zealand wins Jacinda Ardern The award is one of the country’s highest honors and made the former prime minister a person of honor for his service to the country during the COVID-19 pandemic and the Christchurch terrorist attacks.

Ardern accepted the honor but said she felt conflicted about doing so. “I was unsure whether to accept this acknowledgment. A lot of what we’ve been through as a nation in the last five years has been about all of us rather than about one individual,” she said. .

“But I have heard many New Zealanders who I have encouraged over the years to accept the honor say so. It’s a way of thanking the people who helped me take on the role.”

The former leader’s tenure was beset by a series of domestic and international crises, and Prime Minister Chris Hipkins said the award was for her leadership during these “times of intense challenge”. She was recognized for her leadership during the pandemic, especially for her response after a white supremacist shooter killed 50 Muslims during a prayer service at a Christchurch mosque. new zealand It has one of the highest vaccination coverage rates and one of the lowest excess mortality rates in the world.

“Mrs Jacinda Ardern has been recognized for her service to New Zealand in the midst of the greatest challenges our country has faced in modern times,” said Mr Hipkins.

“New Zealand’s response to the 2019 terrorist attacks and the COVID-19 pandemic represented a period of intense challenge for the 40th prime minister. During that time, I am convinced that her commitment to New Zealand is absolute. I have seen with my own eyes that it continues to be.”

Since her abrupt resignation in January, Ardern has kept her public profile relatively low.she accepted Role as envoy Calls on the Prime Minister to continue to tackle online extremism and terrorism. He joined the board of Prince William’s Earthshot Awards, which recognizes responses to the environmental crisis.and Accepted Fellowship to Harvard University.

The country announced the honor of the King’s Birthday on Monday, a holiday honoring King Charles III. Also honored was Queen Camilla, who was awarded the New Zealand Order of Merit for her work in supporting his monarch. In New Zealand, it is a tradition to honor the achievements of the king’s consort.

The nation awarded a total of 182 honors, including three other queens and three knights. Recipients included Maori leaders, sports coaches, doctors, journalists, arts advocates, business leaders and more.

https://www.theguardian.com/world/2023/jun/05/jacinda-ardern-dame-grand-companion-kings-birthday-awards-former-new-zealand-pm-prime-minister New Zealand honors ex-PM, Jacinda Ardern becomes a woman | Jacinda Ardern

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