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New Zealand

New Zealand considering bid to host 2025 Rugby League World Cup with Australia | Rugby League

New Zealand is weighing the possibility of co-hosting the 2025 Rugby League World Cup, with Australia saying it is “ready for any situation” in the next few years.

Plans for the quarterly tournament fell into chaos on Tuesday When France withdraws from hosting duties Domestically, there are widespread concerns about the financial viability of the event.

As such, International Rugby League is scrambling to find a new venue with just over two years to kick-off, or face the possibility of delaying the tournament until 2026.

On Tuesday, New Zealand Rugby League expressed interest in taking over rugby league. France Both countries did so alongside Australia in 2017.

“We are exploring the possibility of hosting the RLWC in the Southern Hemisphere as an alternative to France 2025,” said Greg Peters, CEO of New Zealand Rugby League. “We are enthusiastic about working with ARLC to host tournaments in New Zealand and Australia and have started discussions.

“Holding the international tournament closed is an exciting proposition not only for our fans, but also for the Indigenous and Pacifica communities.”

NRL CEO Andrew Abdo declined to say whether Australia would step into the ring, but the Australian Rugby League Commission knew France’s bid would face problems. admitted that

“Regarding the World Cup, it’s a little too early to talk about it, but obviously we’re prepared for whatever situation unfolds in the next few years,” Abdo said Tuesday at the NRL’s Indigenous Round launch.

“I have been facing this issue for some time. France 2025 was supposed to be a great opportunity for us to grow our game in Europe, especially in France, but it is not without challenges and risks and IRL It took a few things to get down the road.

“It is too early to comment on exactly what we will do next. We are working on a mitigation plan to ensure that the

“Beyond the 2025 Rugby League World Cup, the Commission and everyone involved in the game are truly united in how we will revive and invest in international football.

“For us it is a pity that France 2025 cannot be guaranteed. However, having said that, we believe in international football and have a five-year plan to truly grow it. I believe in

“Even if we don’t play the World Cup in France, there are many other very good opportunities to show our game.”

If a new host country were to emerge, they would be the third to win the rights to host the next round of international rugby league’s biggest event. France was also in the frame as original co-hosts the United States and Canada withdrew in 2018, ending plans to host the Games outside of Europe and Oceania for the first time.

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France unilaterally announced its withdrawal after the French government’s demands for guarantees on the economic viability of the Games were not met.

IRL president Troy Grant said the French Games were “always an ambitious project” but that the economic crisis prevented the bid team from meeting the government’s stringent requirements.

“I respect the decision amid the challenges facing the French government, but I cannot hide my disappointment,” Grant said. “So far we have focused on France, but now we will accelerate the consideration of other emergency options,” he said.

France is set to host the 2023 Rugby World Cup later this year.

The IRL will meet next week to discuss alternatives to France 2025, which was to be the largest in the history of the tournament. Sixteen teams will play in 40 venues in the men’s competition, which will also include women’s, wheelchair and youth competitions.

After defeating 2021 hosts England, 12-time reigning world champions Australia last hosted a World Cup in 2017 alongside New Zealand and Papua New Guinea. Since the tournament’s inception in 1954, the Trans-Tasman rivals have co-hosted each other three times, with Australia participating in a total of six tournaments.

https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2023/may/16/new-zealand-makes-bid-to-co-host-2025-rugby-league-world-cup-with-australia-after-france-pulls-out New Zealand considering bid to host 2025 Rugby League World Cup with Australia | Rugby League

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