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New Zealand

New Zealand bishop pays tribute to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

New Zealand’s Catholic bishop paid tribute to the late Queen Elizabeth II and said Catholics mourn her Majesty.

The bishops described the late Queen as “an amazing woman who was our official head of state for an amazing 70 years. She possessed grace, warmth and commitment in equal measure.”

The bishops echoed Pope Francis’ eulogy, stating that the Queen always demonstrated devotion to duty, demonstrated faith in Jesus Christ and unwavering hope in his promises, and always led a life of service.

They say Her Majesty’s reign began in 1952. New Zealand was a virtually monocultural country, seeing Britain as “home” and most Māori, though admired, lived on the fringes of Pakeha society.

Bishops say that on the first Royal Tour in 1953, Maori leaders had to struggle to add Waitangi and Turangawae Marae to their itinerary at Nagaruawahia, home of Kingitanga.

According to the bishops, it was a time when the Treaty of Waitangi was considered meaningless.

“Today it (the treaty) is at the center of political and public debate, and the Māori renaissance that began in the 1970s was welcomed by the Queen into what has become one of the most multicultural societies in the world. It has brought about an astonishing transformation,” said the bishops.

They noted that on one of her ten official visits to Aotearoa New Zealand in 1995, Her Majesty the Queen personally signed the Royal Consent to the historic Waikato-Tainui Treaty Reconciliation Bill passed by Parliament that year. pointing out.

The statement concludes by acknowledging that most New Zealanders have never known a monarch other than Queen Elizabeth II, who has always contributed to New Zealand’s remarkable progress.

“Her time was Elizabethan like we’ll never see again.”

Ā, kia whiti ki ā ia te māramatanga mutunga kore. Kia okioki i runga i te rangimārie. Let her shine. Rest in peace. Amen.”

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https://cathnews.co.nz/2022/09/12/nz-bishops-pay-tribute-to-late-her-majesty-queen-elizabeth-ii/ New Zealand bishop pays tribute to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

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