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New Zealand

New Zealand artists let their faith shine at Campion College

A New Zealand artist who dismissed sacred icons as unattractive paintings by people without artistic talent doesn’t seem like an option for designing sacred art.

“I always thought Mary had a very sad face. This was drawn by someone who really doesn’t know how to paint, it’s all about perspective…” said Sr Josephine Marie. increase.

That changed about ten years ago when Michael Parvan, director of John the Baptist’s studio in Auckland, invited her to be his apprentice.

Since then, Josephine, the religious sister of the Brisbane-based Sisters of Mary Morning Star, has created dozens of exquisite icons using pure gold leaf and other natural materials, drawing on the ancient techniques of iconography. I have taught

When Brisbane’s Campion College commissioned someone to design the stained-glass skylights for their new library, they chose Josephine.

She describes the effort as intense yet rewarding and loving work.

The Campion Council presents 15 pictorial panels surrounded by an additional 20 panels containing phrases in Latin and English under the heading ‘Fides et Ratio’ (Faith and Reason), the window’s overarching theme. asked for a panel.

“Usually we don’t undertake such large-scale projects because they are very time consuming. It’s been a big learning curve – give it as much time as you can when you can.

“The artistic process is something I really enjoy, but it’s very consuming in the sense that a project like this is inside me, so eventually I reached a stage where it’s outside of me. When it’s already like a release.”

Joining Brisbane Abbey on September 12 with three other sisters, Josephine said she was given creative freedom to design the overall image.

“I wanted to have Christ as the truth, and from him the vine begins. The saints are like branches, all bearing fruit with Christ as their source and center,” she said. increase.

Each saint is depicted with a variety of fruits symbolically associated with his or her ministry, personality, or history.

Each panel features flowers and plants native to Australia.

“The skylight is divided into three pillars, so that in the middle is the river of life with the little fish, and the students entering the campion swim upstream to the source, Christ, and above it is the sanctuary of wisdom. He is depicted as the first disciple of Christ.”

The pillars on both sides are both green, symbolizing “the trees that grow on the banks of the river of life”.

Founded in Spain in 2014, Sisters of Mary, Morning Star has 250 sisters in 20 monasteries around the world.

An open contemplative community consists of silence, scriptures, philosophy, theological studies, and a life of manual labor to cover the cost of living.

They begin and end their day with a one-hour communion, opening a monastery for training in philosophy and theology, biblical studies, and spiritual guidance.


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