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New Zealand

New Christchurch Cathedral beckons

At the new Christchurch Cathedral, the Catholic Diocese has taken it a step further with an advert seeking a fundraising and development manager.

This role is newly created and successful individuals work closely with the Bishop, General Manager and senior leadership team to generate increased income and support the Diocese’s mission.

The Diocese said in its candidate profile for the position that it is in the midst of an exciting chapter in its history with many upcoming fundraising opportunities.

However, the only funding opportunity identified in the Candidate Brief is the development of the Cathedral Quarter.

“While currently in the planning stages, the development of the Cathedral Quarter in the central city will strengthen the future of Christchurch’s Catholic Diocese.”

The Candidate Profile refers to the opportunity as a “once in a lifetime project” which includes “cathedrals, parish offices, parish offices and other associated buildings”.

Earlier this year, the future of the Cathedral Quarter was called into question after Christchurch City Council revised its CBD road plan.

Christchurch Bishop Michael Gielen expressed concern about the project’s viability.

He said: “I am committed to creating a thriving parish and building a worthy cathedral within the Diocese of Christchurch.

“However, we are aware that the cathedral represents a significant financial commitment for the diocese.

“This will be the legacy of my bishopric. I, like those in my position, urge that any decisions concerning development projects be taken with the utmost care and security.” I would like to.”

The project was further set back after the Christchurch “Gathering Group” filed a canonical legal challenge to the Vatican.

The rally group called for a halt to the land sale and construction of the new cathedral.

Gielen responded in the form of a letter read at every Sunday mass.

In his letter, he informed Catholics that he would halt further land sales, parish mergers and the construction of a new Catholic cathedral in Christchurch until the diocese receives a response from Rome.

In April, it was reported that a new recommendation from the city council could eventually allow construction of a 600-car parking lot on the grounds of Christchurch Catholic Cathedral.

Bishop Gielen promised the diocese that he would cooperate with the synod on future plans.

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