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New Zealand

New Catholic Bishop of Rome for Courses Postponed Due to Pandemic

More than 330 new Catholic bishops attended a formation course in Rome this month.

Among them was Archbishop Paul Martin, co-aide, who was appointed the tenth Catholic bishop of Christchurch in December 2017. He was consecrated in his March 2018 (pictured).

There is usually not much time between being appointed as a bishop and attending the annual formation course.

However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, these have been canceled until this year.

One of the bishops said, “It is clear that Pope Francis’ call to the Church to act in a synodal way is embedded in the way of all dioceses.”

The course provides bishops with practical information, prayer, and the opportunity to meet with peers around the world and with dignitaries of the Vatican.

It also wants bishops to undertake “an earnest spiritual reading of the call to the bishop, first of all for the pastor, and through him, for his people, as a way of grace and sanctification.” It provides an opportunity to respond to the Pope’s desire to ‘ said the diocese’s statement.

“Serving as a pastor in a church without the profound experience of being saved and knowing how such mercy begins with him and is truly offered to all men and women without discrimination and continual. You can not.”

This year’s course themes are:

  • Meaning of “Synod Church”
  • Crisis management with particular attention to abuse situations and handling of allegations
  • church after pandemic
  • A review of what canon law says about parish administration
  • Communications and Media Use, Ministries to Families with Special Attention to “Amoris Leticia”
  • Promoting consideration for all people and the environment, with particular attention to “Laudatosi” and “Fratelli Tutti”

“It is clear that a process of renewal is underway at all levels, reflecting the vision and mission of the Second Vatican Council,” said one of the new bishops.

“The Church is listening more clearly to people’s joys, hopes, aspirations and anxieties, and this dialogue strengthens the Church’s missionary attitude to the world.”

The 2022 course is currently being held in multiple sessions. The first group of over 150 bishops met with Pope Francis in early September.

A second group of bishops from mission areas such as New Zealand met him on Saturday.

One bishop said, “It’s been a wonderful experience coming together with bishops from so many countries, and their experiences are shaped by the culture and context of their local churches.

“Almost a third of the bishops represented Eastern Catholics, further enriching the outlook for the universality of the Catholic Church in terms of liturgy, theology and pastoral practice.”

Bishoprics, Evangelical Mission dioceses and Eastern Church dioceses have organized courses.


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