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New Zealand

Murder suspect appears in court in Rangiora murder case

A man charged with murdering a man whose body was found in a parked car has appeared in court, but will keep his identity secret until further notice.

Richard Lehman’s body was found in his car parked in a garage in Tyler Street, Rangiora, on April 17, and police opened a homicide investigation.

Police raided a property on Oxford Road in Rangiora on Saturday morning and arrested a 46-year-old man. The man was subsequently charged with Leman’s murder.

On Monday, the man appeared in Christchurch District Court before Judge Stephen O’Driscoll.

The man, through his attorney Ethan Hooda, applied for and was granted a provisional name concealment of his name and details that could identify him. He was detained until June 23 for his first appearance before the High Court.

The man allegedly killed Reman, 41, in Rangiora on April 11, according to court documents. Reman’s family previously said he was last seen at a shopping center in Rangiora at 8:20 pm on April 11.

The man spoke twice at the hearing, first making sure he could hear the judge, and then telling the judge his full name.

Lehman’s sister, Nikki Lehman, told The Herald that the past seven weeks since her brother first went missing after the man’s arrest had been “absolute terror.”

“I’m not sleeping. I’m up all night checking windows and doors to make sure my kids are safe in bed. It’s like I’m not sleeping. We all are.” , we are the same.” Fuck you, we’re all the same.”

“The police wouldn’t tell me anything because there was an investigation, but I had no idea what was going on because I didn’t want to know because I didn’t want to risk anything.”

Nicky Lehman, who doesn’t live in Christchurch, said it was hard to live in the same city after finding out that those responsible were “walking around breathing the same air as all of us”.

“It’s very painful… so I’m relieved today. I was relieved to hear that he was arrested first thing this morning.”

Lehman was a beloved brother, son, and father to three boys who were “his babies,” Nikki Lehman said.

“He was funny and made us laugh when we were down and put a smile on our faces. That was Richard.”

She said the family had “no idea” why someone would try to harm Leman.

“Richard was friends with everyone, that’s how he was. If you were depressed, you might have been a total stranger. If you’re crying or crying, he’ll stop.” Say, “Are you okay?” And he was the guy who hugged you and said, “Is there anything I can do to help you?”

“Everyone was Richard’s friend. It was like he had an infectious personality that made you want to be around him.”

Nikki Lehman said her parents were “never coping”. The couple also lost their eldest son to leukemia.

“I can’t accept this, this is my little brother… I cry every time I think about it.”

She said the police did a “great job” throughout the investigation.

“I think the police are great. They have done a great job with my parents because they are old and very sick. I can’t rate them highly enough.”

The family urged anyone with information not yet released to speak up.

“If someone in the know comes forward with the police and provides information to bring Richard to justice, and if there are other parties involved that the police get everyone involved in, that’s it.” she said.

“The police are going in the right direction, they are doing their job, and they have an absolute stance on where they are going, which gives us peace of mind.”

Senior Deputy Sergeant Daniel Overend said on Saturday that police have asked anyone with information related to Leman’s death to “come forward and speak to the investigative team.”

“As the matter is now in court and an investigation is ongoing, police are unable to comment further.”

Before: Police searched several properties in homicide investigation

Reman’s body was found on April 17 in a car parked in a garage in Tyler Street, Rangiora, and police launched a murder investigation.

The New Zealand Herald previously reported that police had visited Rolleston’s apartment complex, talked to residents and asked about comings and goings from Leman’s former apartment.

Leman moved out at the end of last year and is believed to have moved in about a month before his death.

Police have also searched several properties in Rangiora in connection with the investigation, including those in Andrew Street and Good Street, just a few hundred meters from where Leman’s body was found. Also included are two properties across the road from each other on the South Belt of Southbrook. part of town.

Last week, police were spotted using a ground-penetrating radar device at one of the facilities.

At the time of Reman’s death, it was also reported to have been managed by the Department of Corrections.

Toni Stewart, deputy head of corrections office operations, confirmed to the Herald that Leman is under their control but not subject to electronic surveillance.

“In order to avoid compromising the police’s active investigation, further information is limited at this stage.”

Lehman, 41, has been missing for more than a week, with his family posting multiple posts on social media asking for sightings and information.

On the night of April 17, a car linked to him was found in a Tyler Street garage with the body of a man inside.

Police then opened a homicide investigation, claiming that his white Nissan Fugue was seen a week before the body was found.

The family said earlier that Leman was a “proud and devoted father” to three sons under the age of 10.

He was a “loving son,” a “much-beloved brother,” and a “doting uncle.”

Before the body was found, Leman’s sister, Kim Leman Bennett, posted on Facebook that Leman was last seen at a shopping center in Rangiora at 8:20 p.m. on April 11.

Reman was staying in the Sefton and Rangiora areas.

“Police have been called…we are gravely concerned for his safety and mental health,” his sister posted.

“Someone must know something.

The fact that he hadn’t called her in over a week was worrying because he usually talked to her every day.

“Our brother has a very kind heart, loves his children, loves his family and will do anything to help others,” Lehman Bennett said.

“We just want him to go home.”

Anyone with information can call. You can call 105, citing file 230415/8026, and ask to have Senior Sergeant Daniel Overend forward the information.

https://www.odt.co.nz/news/national/murder-accused-appears-court-over-rangiora-homicide Murder suspect appears in court in Rangiora murder case

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