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New Zealand

More women than ever choose police as a career

This week, 76 new officers celebrate their successes with wānau and friends.

365, Kramoerf Wing, includes 22 newly graduated female police officers. Before graduating from the 365 division, the number of sworn female police officers increased by 986 from 2017, a 57% increase in six years.

This graduation brings the number of additional female police officers to more than 1,000.

Of the 22, Constable Holly Hannaby is looking forward to policing after completing a bachelor’s degree in criminology and criminal justice. During her time at school, she worked with a multi-agency group focused on getaway drivers and youth offenders involved in assault cases. “Working with this group has given me insight into youth crime and the support and assistance provided by youth advocates. It’s what I want to do,” she says.

Another graduating policewoman is Mikayla Sweetman, who in her spare time stomps and trains for adventure races like Coast to Coast and Spring Challenge. She also enjoys mountain running and running marathons. “It was always my dream to become a police officer, but I lacked confidence, so stepping out of my comfort zone for college was tough, but it has been rewarding and I have enjoyed it all. Police College has given me lifelong friends and memories, and I look forward to new challenges,” she says.

Constable’s Sarah Jayne Keevill represents Great Britain on the U16 European Team in Equestrian Eventing and was previously crowned National Champion at the British Dressage Championships. she said: I like the challenge police bring and the opportunity to make a positive impact on our community. “

The winner of the Wing Leadership Award is Jacob Thomson, a recruit who was born and raised in Hawke’s Bay. Jacob holds a BA in Classical History from the University of Victoria. Before he joined the police force, he worked in the hospitality industry, after which he got a full-time job at the Ministry of Education.

he said: I have lived a life of security and privilege. Through my actions, I want to give back by making my experience a reality for more New Zealanders. New Zealand Police see it as the greatest opportunity to love what you do and give back while doing your job. ” He is stationed in the Wellington area.

Top of Wing with the most points is Constable Troy Welch, who worked as a delivery driver, retail store employee, forklift operator, and gantry operator before joining the police force. Troy also holds degrees in psychology and geography.

“I wanted to be a police officer. I believe that the police are often in the best position to help people when they need it most, and I look forward to providing that help.” Troy will be assigned to the Wellington area.


Minister’s Award for Best Student – Constable Troy Welch, District of Wellington.

2nd in the Patrons Award in the Wing, which recognizes the 2nd best student at Constable Albright Munan in the Canterbury District.

Commissioners Leadership Award – Constable Jacob Thomson, Wellington District.

Physical Training and Defensive Tactics Award – Constable Joseph Mafi, Wellington District.

Driver Training and Road Security Practice Award – Constable Andrew Jowett, Waitemata District.

Firearms Award – Constable Oliver Giles, County Manukau District.

Deployment: On Monday, May 15th, the entire Wing will be spread across the following districts:

Northland – 2, Auckland – 14, County Manukau – 15, Waitemata – 2, Waikato – 5, Bay of Plenty – 8, Eastern – 2, Central – 3, Wellington – 11, Tasman – 3, Canterbury – 4, Southern – 7.

Demographics: 27% female and 73% male. New Zealand Europeans make up 67.6% of the wing, Maori 10.8%, Pacific 12.2%, Asians 8.1% and Latin American, African and Middle Eastern (LAAM/Other) 1.4%.

Patron: Kuramoeaf was born and raised in Waiwetu. He has Whakapapa ties to his eight tribes, the Taranaki and Natihi Mutunga tribes, and is referred to as the “leader of the tribe”. He serves as Chairman of Te Rūnanganuio Te Atiawa, Waiwhetu Marae, Harbor Island Kaitiaki Board, and he Waiwhetu Pa Reservation No.4. Kula is the Senior Cultural Advisor of the Kaiwakarite Maori Council and Tikanga he ensures that the Maori are supported and promoted within the Council service.


Published by Police Media Center

The graduation ceremony will begin at 2:00 pm on Thursday, May 4th.

Media wishing to attend the graduation ceremony should contact the Police Media Center as soon as possible. media@police.govt.nz

Also keep an eye out for a Ten One Magazine article with photos on the police website in the coming weeks.

https://www.police.govt.nz/news/release/more-women-ever-choose-policing-career More women than ever choose police as a career

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