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Milford embraces technical advice and transparency as part of growing 3rd party Kiwisaver

In 2007, Milford Asset Management entered the retail phase, initially built directly on the customer’s network.

Thursday, March 23, 2023 at 1:25 PM

By Kelly Meadows Bonner

It has steadily established an advocate for third-party advice businesses and has recently switched to multi-channel delivery.

Milford’s head of intermediary sales, Michael Robson, said his role four years ago was to serve directly to the intermediary channel, namely financial advisors, despite having a multi-channel sales strategy before joining the company. He said he was focused on business. Milford’s third positively impacts his party distribution market, especially his Kiwisaver.

He said he had contributed to Milford’s then $200 million Kiwisaver scheme by working directly with independent financial advisors, and that the scheme had grown to $1.73 million by opening multi-channel distribution. says. Years ago, and technology.

Robson says having the option of a digital platform is beneficial and well-received by clients and advisors. We help our clients reach us in a way that works for them. ”

According to Robsons, Milford doesn’t rely solely on technical advice, it provides it directly, but has relationships with advisors whose clients feel they need that ongoing advice. If so, we can support it.

“Having set up that distribution channel, they now have access to Milford funds as well. They can also choose advisors to support their investments, much like Kiwisaver’s journey.”

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