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New Zealand

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Founders: Ian & Sally Wastney, Tristan & Sylvia Wastney, Alexander & Kristin Wastney

work: little beauties

Established: 2018

Headquarters: Nelson

Could you tell us a little bit about your business?

We are a New Zealand based start-up creating unique dried fruit snacks and ingredients from locally sourced high quality produce. It is highly nutritious and delicious.

We use an innovative drying method that preserves the natural taste and flavor of the fruit and pack it in resealable, soft plastic recyclable packaging. We have recently developed NZ fruit purees and juices, freeze-dried and spray-dried NZ fruit powders.

Our mission is to share the joy of the unique Aotearoa fruit with the world while creating a sustainable business model that adds value to New Zealand growers and creates a positive workplace for our employees.

What’s the story behind your business idea?

Little Beauties was founded in 2018 by two generations of the Wastney family with a mission to share the joy of New Zealand’s unique Aotearoa fruit with the world. The idea for this business came from the Wastney family. They have developed an innovative way to dry feijoa and send it to friends and family abroad. Their product was such a hit that they started selling dried feijoa at the local Nelson Farmers Market.

From there, Wastney’s upcycles spoiled New Zealand Gold Kiwifruit by developing air-dried slices, and the business works with local berry growers to preserve New Zealand boysenberries, blueberries and raspberries that are freeze-dried whole fruit. I came to

Today, Little Beauties is a sustainable business model that adds value to New Zealand growers, creates a positive workplace and builds a global customer base.

What programs, learning, and mentoring have helped you so far?

  • We have had great support through NZTE, Callahan, the Nelson Chamber of Commerce and our shareholders. NZTE offers superior resources and a range of financing initiatives to support export growth.
  • Networking and collaborating with other NZ food brands is a great way to learn new ideas and insights and share our ups and downs.
  • Some good reading that helped – 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey, Good to Great by Jim Collins, Scaling up by Verne Harnish, $100 Million Offers by Alex Hormozi, Money by Morgan Housel psychology.

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