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New Zealand

Legal Options Considered to Save Remaining Catholic Homes

The family is considering legal options to keep the Catholic rest house and hospital open.

Auckland’s Mercy Parkland announced the closure of its facility last month. Owned by the Sisters of Mercy.

In an interview with 1News, the trust said its decision to close was due to a shortage of nurses. Too few nurses meant the facility could not run at full capacity.

as reported in cas news, Mercy Parklands is losing $100,000 a month.

The Trust has given three months for families to relocate their loved ones.

One family is now considering legal options to extend that period.

Seeking a nine-month extension of the move, the family wrote to Mercy Parklands pointing to its constitution.

This states that “Company activities should only be conducted for charitable purposes, not for profit.”

In a second letter, the family said they may pursue legal action. This could include “applying to the High Court for an interim injunction against the involuntary closure on such short notice.”

Another family said they were advised by doctors that it was dangerous to move their father due to his fragile health.

Another said finding a new home for her 93-year-old mother was difficult. This is especially difficult when Christmas and New Year are not far away. “Everyone is full.”

Mercy Parklands staff are having trouble understanding the decision to close.

“Because we are a non-profit organization and work with the values ​​of compassion, everything we do is grounded in our values ​​and our mission. , is mercy in the hand,” says one.

“If something happens, it’s a miracle.”

Director Arthur Morris said he responded to concerned families, saying, “I reassure them that we will continue to care for residents who have not relocated by the end of the notice period.

“We understand the family’s concerns regarding the health and future care of all residents,” he said in a statement.

“Residents are not required to move until alternative accommodation is arranged.”

So far, we’ve found half the space for 97 residents.

1News also approached the “Catholic Church” (Auckland Catholic Diocese) to ask if they could provide financial support.

A spokeswoman for the parish said the facility is owned by the Sisters of Mercy, who will comment on the matter.

1News encouraged the Sisters of Mercy to ask the same question.

Congregation leader Sister Sue France explained in a statement that the Sisters of Mercy have supported Mercy Parkland for many years.

“We have worked closely with our board of directors…they have considered its future and have considered all possible solutions. did.”


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