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Lawyer’s petition for probate fine-tuning of KiwiSaver funds

A Canterbury law firm that specializes in wills and estates is petitioning Congress to allow executors access to up to $25,000 in funds without the need for Supreme Court paperwork.

Monday, April 24, 2023 at 3:51 PM

In the event of the death of a person with more than $15,000 in assets in the KiwiSaver Fund, the executor must apply to the High Court for probate (valid will) or administration (if there is no will or executor). , after which you can withdraw your funds. financial institution.

Kiwilaw partner Cheryl Simes said the current probate/letter of control threshold of $15,000 is too low and executors have to pay thousands to access funds, especially from KiwiSaver accounts. says it must. She is calling for the threshold set in 2009 to be adjusted to her $25,000 for inflation.

Simes said the standard applies to all accounts held at financial institutions, but KiwiSaver tends to catch people.

“Generally, if people have wealth, they likely have it in a family trust or joint account. It’s not a lot, but it’s over $15,000.”

Simes said most attorneys will ask for $2,000 or more, and applicants will also have to pay $200 in high court fees. Her $15,000 includes funeral expenses and liabilities, unless the deceased has arranged funeral expenses separately.

“Getting approval from the High Court can cost upwards of $6000 in attorney fees, especially if there is no will and legal complications. Legal complications if there is no valid will. includes situations where your loved one has a permanent home abroad, a close family member does not speak English, or a surviving spouse or de facto partner is forced by law to choose from “optional choices.” Require notice. Laws of inheritance and related property. ”

Simes says he often deals with cases involving young men who are statistically more likely to die in accidents (car or work) or suicide. In one case, his KiwiSaver account balance was $15,013.

She says she is calling for an adjustment to inflation to the threshold rather than raising the level as that would represent a policy change.

management [Prescribed Amount] Regulation 2009, which provides for actual figures for the purposes of several sections of the Control Act, states that financial institutions cannot release more than the specified amount without probate or letter of control.

“The laws of inheritance are being reviewed and big changes are coming, but in the meantime this small change is possible and should be made. It involves short and simple regulations.”

“When someone dies, the kiwi saver should go to a loved one, not a lawyer.”

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