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New Zealand

Latest Graduation Tsubasa ‘I did my homework’

The 358th Wing’s 58 recruits have been certified as constables and will graduate from their first training tomorrow (Thursday, September 22nd). They will start in his district on Monday, October 3rd.

Wing members are stationed in all New Zealand police districts.

Police Minister Chris Hipkins, Wing Patron Stacey Shortall and Commissioner Andrew Coster will attend the ceremony.

More than half of the wings have a bachelor’s, graduate or other advanced qualification. Alongside diverse ethnicities, languages, and life experiences, we have a wide range of educational backgrounds.

Among the alumni is First Wing Recruit George Littlejohn. He has had a successful career in the New Zealand Army and has served his country all his life. “The police recruitment process takes time, but it’s worth it! 16 weeks in college gave me the companionship and memories of a lifetime. I can’t wait to go home and serve my community.” George will be deployed in the Wellington area.

The Leadership Award goes to recruits Matthew Rayner – Nga Puhi, Ngāti Wharara (hapū), Ngāti Whatua and Te Uri o Hau (hapū). Matthew said: The barriers to achieving this for many Whanau are family harm and a driving force of crime. By donning the blue uniform and helping remove some of these barriers, I feel like I’ve helped some people achieve their own Tino Rangatiratanga. Placed in the central district.

Recruit Tufanga Dawson was born and raised in Rotorua. “I grew up speaking only Te Leo Māori and attended Kohanga Leo and Kula Kaupa Māori throughout my schooling. I started learning English when I was eight years old. He is a big reason why I decided to start my police career.” Tawhanga will be deployed in the Bay of Plenty area.

Recruiter Bridget Kiddle excels in stamina, team spirit and hard work. “My background in competitive sports is what led me to the police force. I played for the Black Sticks women’s hockey team in 2016 and then the English Women’s Premier Hockey League. My core nature excites me to wear blue,” she says.

Wing Patron: Stacey Shortall is a respected attorney and an acclaimed leader committed to improving the lives of others. Her Stacey wings have benefited from all the skills, experience, and dedication she applies to help others.

Among her many achievements is the “Who Did You Help Today?” establishment. charitable trust. Among them is the Mothers Project to help incarcerated mothers improve their relationships with their children. A homework club that supports the learning experience of school children.

Some of the Wings have been to Russell School in Canons Creek to help the kids in the Homework Club. Stacey also launched a nationwide campaign to establish other homework clubs in more schools across the country.

Royal New Zealand Police College staff have been participating in the local school’s homework club since 2016.


Minister’s Award for Best Student – Constable George Littlejohn, District of Wellington.

Patron’s Award for Second in Wing for second best student, Constable Isaac Webb of Auckland City District.

Commissioners Leadership Award – Constable Matthew Rayner, District Central.

Physical Training and Defense Tactics Award – Constable George Littlejohn, Wellington District.

Driver Training and Road Security Practice Award – Constable Sam Lennox, Central District.

Firearms Award – Constable Sam Lennox, Central District.


Wings are distributed over the following districts:

Northland – 3, Waitemata – 4, Auckland City – 5, County Manukau – 9, Waikato – 4, Bay of Plenty – 4, Eastern – 3, Central – 4, Wellington – 10, Tasman – 3, Canterbury – 5, Southern – Four.

wing demographics

Of the wings, 31% are female and 69% are male. New Zealand Europeans make up 65.5% of the wings, Maori 6.9%, Pacific 12.1% and Asian 15.5%.


Media Note:

Members of the press are welcome to attend the Graduation Parade at Te Rauparaha Arena, Main Arena, 17 Palmoana Street and Porirua. The ceremony will begin at 10:00 am on Thursday, September 22nd. Media wishing to attend the graduation ceremony should contact the Police Media Center as soon as possible. media@police.govt.nz.

Also keep an eye out for the Ten One Magazine article published with photos on the police website.


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