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New Zealand

Large delays due to traffic jams on holidays

Vacationers wanting to see their loved ones for Christmas have jammed highways, causing significant delays across the country.

Before the Johnstones Hill Tunnel on the Northern Motorway, traffic jams slow traffic and form long queues.

Drivers should expect delays and plan their trips accordingly, police warned.

A police spokesman also said there were significant delays in the lanes leading to the Tauranga turnoff on Highway 1 south of Cambridge.

They advised that drivers should use alternate routes and expect delays.

Delays north of Auckland were expected to be the worst yesterday, transport operator Waka Kotahi said.

According to Waka Kotahi, the list also includes northbound traffic on State Highway 25 near the Coromandel, especially Tairua, which is very busy on Christmas Day afternoon, the early afternoon of Boxing Day and on December 27. It is expected that

Beginning January 1st, traffic around Tairua will be congested in both directions. A driver can expect heavy traffic during his first week of the new year.

Eastbound traffic on SH2 between Pokeno and Maramalua is expected to be busy again around Boxing Day and New Year. January 8th is a tricky day as more traffic is expected in the early afternoon.

Kapiti Beach was likely to be quite busy on Thursday. The worst place for most of next week’s lunchtime is the traffic joining Route 1 at the north exit of the newly opened highway at Otaki.

Another significant jam was predicted in Queenstown around Christmas Day and New Years.

In Otago, there will be delays on the one-lane Beaumont Bridge on US 8. The good news isn’t going to help anyone in the next week or so, but the delay is due to construction of a new two-lane bridge nearby.

After a short break over Christmas and New Year, Waka Kotahi will step up the resealing of about 10% of the highway network. Many of them are in Otago and Southland.

“In many areas, the early summer rains increase the activity of road workers at all hours of the day and night, so be vigilant around these workers and heed traffic management advice.”

“If you drive long distances around the South Island this summer, please add an hour to your normal travel time.”

Waka Kotahi said it was an unfortunate coincidence that the summer holiday travel peak coincided with the best time to resurface the roads.[ing] A new seal will stick to the road. ”

Last year, 17 people died during official holidays. This is his one of the worst numbers in the last decade.

“Drive according to the conditions, allow plenty of time, take regular breaks and stay alert,” the agency said.

https://www.odt.co.nz/news/national/holiday-traffic-causes-major-delays Large delays due to traffic jams on holidays

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