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New Zealand

Lab experiments take the next step

A relatively new and evolving mortgage advisor group sold to an established player citing regulatory issues.

Monday, October 3, 2022, 6:00 AM

Founded by Rupert Goff in 2017, Mortgage Lab has grown to 25 advisors covering most of the country.

Goff, a major shareholder, agreed to sell the business to insurance specialist Morris Trapp Group (MTG).

Mr Gough, Mortgage Officer at Financial Advice NZ said: Maurice Trapp Group has the resources to take Mortgage Lab to the next level. ”

Goff resigns as chief executive for an undefined new role.

“I am thrilled to join MTG and help them achieve their vision of providing full-service financial advice to New Zealanders,” he said.

Jarrod Kirkland, General Manager of Incoming Mortgage Labs, said: They complement each other perfectly. Both companies have benefited from this acquisition. ”

Mr Gough said: It’s a great comfort to have a quality business like MTG looking after Mortgage Lab.

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