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Kiwi Wealth representative not joining Fisher Fund’s new investment management team

Fisher Funds has revealed that a new investment management team was launched after the acquisition of KiwiWealth, although most of the KiwiWealth team did not survive the merger.

Saturday, March 11, 2023, 10:19 PM

Fisher Funds said its investment team was “strengthened with the addition of seven members of the Kiwi Wealth team,” although none of those people were senior members of the Kiwi Wealth business. .

Fisher said it now has “one of the largest and most experienced investment teams in the country.”

“Last month, we have worked hard to bring the two businesses together, including confirming a new management team, and we are excited to announce that we are pleased to offer our clients a new We are delighted to introduce our investment management team.”

“Our newly expanded team brings new knowledge and expertise, but our DNA remains the same. We are still working on it.”

In the new team, the top Kiwi wealthy are: Daniel Collette who is responsible for portfolio management and Greg Hayton As a fixed income portfolio manager and senior fixed income trader. Colette is responsible for executing trades, ensuring efficient market access and providing support to the broader investment team.

Other members are in execution roles, analysts, junior trading roles, risk and analysis, and project management.

Ashley Gardine Fisher’s new Chief Investment Officer. Previously, he was a senior portfolio manager responsible for international equity strategy.

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