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King Charles and his brothers stay up all night by the Queen’s coffin

King Charles stays up all night for his mother, Queen Elizabeth.
Photo: Marco Bertorello

King Charles and his brothers will continue a quiet vigil at the coffin of their late mother, Queen Elizabeth, on Friday (night New Zealand time).

Prince Charles, his sister Princess Anne, and brothers Prince Andrew and Prince Edward attended a 15-minute memorial service at Westminster Hall in central London, where their mother’s coffin has been laid since Wednesday night.

The line to see Queen Elizabeth lying has been temporarily closed as it reached capacity, the government said.

Britain’s Department for Cultural Affairs said on Twitter that “entry (to the queue) will be suspended for at least six hours”. “Please do not line up until reopening.”

already tens of thousands People from all walks of life in the UK and around the world wait patiently for the opportunity to walk past the coffin. By Friday morning, the line had stretched nearly 8 km out of him, and people had to wait 14 hours before he could reach the hall.

The government had previously said that the meandering columns along the south side of the Thames were nearly at capacity.

“If you haven’t participated yet, please consider waiting until the number of people is reduced.

“I have no feeling in my knees or legs at all,” said Hyacinth Appah, a mourner from London who was in line.

“But it’s okay. Most people were kind and I had a great time.”

Officials expect about 750,000 people to see the coffin before it is laid out at 6:30 a.m. Monday, the day of Elizabeth’s state funeral.

People pay their respects as they pass the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II at the Palace of Westminster in London on September 15, 2022. The Palace of Westminster, until 0530 GMT on Sept. 19, hours before her funeral, a huge line was expected to line up past her coffin to pay tribute.(Photo credit: Odd) ANDERSEN/POOL/AFP)

Members of the public pay their respects as they pass the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II in Westminster Hall at the Palace of Westminster in London.
Photo: odd andersen

Malcolm Keto, 78, from Surrey in the south of England, spent nearly 10 hours in line with his two daughters.

“I just want to show my respect and gratitude,” he told Reuters near the head of the line shortly after 7 a.m.

“She is a wonderful woman who has served her country so well and so faithfully over the years, and we should all be very grateful.

Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla, head to Wales before a memorial service at 7:30pm.

The trip marks the end of a tour of Britain where he accepted his position as new monarch and head of state and fulfilled his ceremonial duty to greet a nation mourning the loss of Elizabeth, who died after reigning for 70 years. I turned 96 last week.

The royal couple are greeted by 21 gunshots, attend a cathedral service, and travel to the Welsh Parliament. Charles is scheduled to meet with the Welsh Prime Minister and other politicians.

Wales holds special meaning for the new king, who held the title of Prince of Wales for 50 years prior to his accession last week.

His spokesman said: “His passion and love for Wales is evident. “He has demonstrated a lifelong commitment to the people of this country.”

William visits NZ, with other troops

Meanwhile, Prince Charles’ son, Prince William, will be visiting New Zealand, Canadian and Australian troops in the UK to participate in the state funeral.

He is accompanied by his wife Kate, the new Princess of Wales. This title was previously held by William’s mother, Diana, who died in a car accident in 1997.

Her death likewise sparked an outpouring of grief across the country, with William speaking on Thursday about how the solemn event last week brought back memories of Diana’s funeral procession.

On Wednesday, William alongside Charles and his brother Harry walked in procession behind the gun carriage carrying the Queen’s coffin from Buckingham Palace to the Palace of Westminster, following Diana’s coffin.

“Yesterday’s walk was a challenge…it brought back some memories,” William said as he and wife Kate spoke to the well-wishers, a sea of ​​flowers outside the royal estate in Sandringham, east England. said while looking at

Britain is preparing to welcome presidents, prime ministers and royalty from around the world. funeral on monday It is one of the grandest ceremonies ever seen in the British capital, potentially attended by thousands of military personnel.

“It is our goal and our belief that the funerals and events in the next few days will bring people together around the world,” said England’s most senior associate and national affairs officer.

London’s Heathrow Airport said it was canceling 15% of its flight schedule on Monday to reduce noise in the British capital and ensure the skies were quiet during the funeral’s final two-minute silence.

Monday was declared a national holiday. Many shops and supermarkets will be closed and various other economic activities will come to a halt. Thousands of people face doctor appointments and surgery cancellations.


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