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It’s Time To Reach Out This Anti-Bullying Week

Today (November 14th), Anti-Bullying Week kicks off with Odd Socks Day. In honor of the awareness event, we joined Martha Evans, director of the Anti-Bullying Alliance, to learn about the importance and finding solutions this week.

Why is Anti-Bullying Week so important?

anti-bullying week Raise awareness about bullying and give schools the opportunity to listen to young people. An opportunity to discuss solutions and improve practices. We know that about a quarter of all children experience bullying frequently. This has a huge impact on our life potential and takes a huge toll on our mental health as we can miss school and feel excluded. I know it can last. Adults who were bullied as children are more likely to experience severe mental health problems, earn less, and be denied employment, education, or training.

How did you come up with this year’s theme, Reach Out?

Every year we develop a theme together with young people. They say you don’t have to do it this way and that you can deal with it by contacting them whether you’re at school or online. If you are a child, it is important to talk to someone you trust.

Why is this week especially important for children with disabilities?

Unfortunately, we know that children with disabilities are more likely than other children to experience bullying. There are several, with easy-to-read definitions, etc. There is also a program called United Against Bullying, which is free to use in all schools in England. The program focuses on a list of disabilities and times when bullying is most likely to occur.

What can be done to reduce bullying behavior in schools?

School responses often focus on changing the behavior of the bullied disabled person. For example, helping them make friends or changing where they go during school hours sends the wrong message to young people. must be considered. There are two online CPD courses that are free for anyone to attend, with a specific focus on disability and bullying.

We need to establish a school culture that respects everyone’s differences and teaches kindness and respect to everyone, not just friends.

Do you have any advice for parents or guardians of children experiencing bullying?

It can be very upsetting and upsetting to you and it is very difficult to go through as a parent. Stay calm, don’t provoke retaliation, and ask your child what they want to do next, whether they want to talk with the school or try different tactics. Consider discussing the situation with your child’s teacher and keep a record of the situation. Then find ways to boost your child’s confidence, as they may feel isolated. Find out what they’re passionate about and see if you can connect with people through it.

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