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India, UK eager to conclude FTA talks: MEA

New Delhi [India]7 October (ANI): India and UK are interested in concluding a free trade agreement (FTA) soon, which has proven to be a win-win situation for both sides. Taking into consideration, intensive discussions are underway, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs General Affairs (MEA) said on Friday.

In response to questions about the FTA status, MEA spokesperson Arindam Bagchi said at a weekly press conference: UK Home Secretary Suella Braverman has reportedly spoken in an interview about “reservations” to a proposed free trade agreement (FTA), which she linked to illegal immigration.

Commenting on these reports, Mr Bagchi said, “Immigration mobility is a key factor and we have an understanding of it. We strongly encourage legal immigration whenever there are Indian citizens abroad.” We expect the UK side to show demonstrable action against it.” British Foreign Secretary James Cleverley said the UK was “enthusiastic” to reach an early FTA with India. Stated.

This comes after Union Commerce Minister Piyush Goyal said the UK was keen to stick to the Diwali deadline for free trade agreements. “We have signed free trade agreements with Australia and New Zealand and are working hard to reach an agreement with India,” Cleverley said.

In his keynote speech at the 9th Annual Milken Asia Summit, the UK’s Foreign Secretary, demonstrating the UK’s continued engagement in the Indo-Pacific, said: It is set to become the first European country to join the comprehensive and progressive agreement for the Trans-Pacific Partnership.This will ensure that the region not only has the UK’s world-class financial services sector, but also the world’s sixth largest financial services sector. Enables access to the world’s largest economies.Why engagement between the UK and the Indo-Pacific should cover the widest range of activities.

Commenting on India’s commitment and quest for self-reliance, Goyal said: It could prevent us from becoming a developed country in the next 25 years…the world wants to engage with us and the world trusts us more than it trusts us.” has high ambitions to complete a free trade agreement (FTA) on Diwali this year. He said the deal would create more jobs and bring economic development to India over the next 25 years.

“Both India and the UK need to grow because they have great ambitions from their Prime Ministers. An FTA is the best way to support the growth and development of the Indian economy and Indian jobs over the next 25 years. Now is the time to write a new chapter in our history as partners and support each other in our growth,” said the British High Commissioner at an event in New Delhi. told ANI by his side.

When asked if it could be “Diwali Dhamkah,” the British High Commissioner nodded and said, “I hope so.” The two countries concluded the fifth round of free trade agreement (FTA) negotiations last month. (Ani) India, UK eager to conclude FTA talks: MEA

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