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New Zealand

Immigration NZ says Cobwebs Technologies’ internal oversight is adequate

Immigration New Zealand uses Israeli-US company Cobwebs Technologies to scan people’s social media. (Document photo)
Photo: 123rf

A government agency said internal oversight of the private surveillance companies it uses is appropriate.

immigration new zealand Scan people’s social media with Cobwebs Technologies, an Israeli-US company.

Official spy agencies SIS (New Zealand Security Intelligence Service) and GCSB (Government Communications Security Bureau) watchdogs are not monitoring this.

Immigration NZ said its own internal capabilities and framework were sufficient.

Asked by RNZ if it was doubling down on what SIS did, Immigration said it was using spider webs to fulfill “a legal responsibility that no other government agency has.”

“MBIE [Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment] We are unable to comment on SIS activities and do not agree with your description of the use of the tool as ‘hiring a private agent,'” said Jackie Ellis, general manager of Data, Insights and Intelligence. .

It said any further disclosure about the tool risks compromising its effectiveness against serious threats.

MBIE “strongly considered the balance between public interest and privacy and security requirements,” Ellis said.

Asked again about how taxpayers are being burdened, she said the ministry’s spending was “prudent and efficient.”

The government defends the use of civilian surveillance, saying it is essential to detect risks from the thousands of travelers to New Zealand each year.

https://www.rnz.co.nz/news/national/477201/immigration-nz-says-internal-oversight-of-cobwebs-technologies-is-adequate Immigration NZ says Cobwebs Technologies’ internal oversight is adequate

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