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New Zealand

I need help – and there’s a job ad to prove it

More employers are advertising their vacancies.
photograph: RNZMore

After four months of declining job ads, they’re on the rise again, and more people are applying for jobs.

According to the latest Seek NZ employment report, the number of ads in January was up 2% from the previous month, and the number of applications per job ad was up 19% in December and 97% year-over-year.

In December 2019, pre-pandemic, there was a 14% increase in applications per job opening.

Applications per job ad increased in all regions except the West Coast, which remained flat in December.

The biggest increases were in hospitality and tourism and accounting ads, which increased by 13%.

Siek country manager Rob Clark said, “The volume of job ads rose slightly in January after four months of decline as businesses reopened their hiring activities to welcome the new year.

“Hospitality and tourism saw a significant uptick in job ads posted in January, with a third more applications per industry job ad in December.”

https://www.rnz.co.nz/news/business/484912/help-wanted-and-the-job-ads-are-there-to-prove-it I need help – and there’s a job ad to prove it

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