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How Safe is the US for Expats?

Moving to another country often feels like a thrilling adventure, especially since you get exposed to a brand new culture and way of living altogether. While this is true, security and safety should always be your top priority if you plan to go abroad as an expat.

That being said, plenty of countries are ranked safe for expats to live in. The USA, for instance, is among the most -sought after, given that it provides a lot of convenience for expats. Approximately 63 percent of expats have claimed that they foresee staying in the country for a long time in a survey conducted by Internations Expat Insider.

Despite this, if you’re planning on getting us citizenship for permanent settlement some time now, you must understand what you’re getting into before making a final decision. Even with the US being a relatively safe country, you will still have to consider certain security and safety standards that can largely influence your living conditions. By doing so, you can be further assured of peace of mind, alongside a good-quality and secure way of life.

This article will give you a brief overview of some things to keep in mind when you want to live in the US as an expat.

Security and Safety

There’s nothing much to worry about the US since it’s a safe country overall. However, just like any other country with a large populace, there are also occurrences of crimes once in a while. Even so, major crimes have decreased since 2018, according to the FBI’s crime report, including those involving burglary, robbery, larceny, assault, and arson.

People might also be concerned about the US’s association with gun violence and how it’s a major terrorism target. Gun deaths are often not as rampant as it seems sometimes, but each state has established specific laws to regulate gun use, ownership, and violence. For this, it still is best to be familiar with the local laws so you’d understand more about local gun culture.

Also, terrorism in the US may be a major cause of concern for expats and residents alike. However, the Department of Homeland security is a government agency that strives to handle this effectively and is also a good source of information.


Donned with breathtaking geographic wonder from excellent national parks to glaciers, canyons, beaches, and more, you’ll find that the country has more than it can offer.

When traveling, always keep in mind to respect the natural environment you’re currently traversing. This includes constantly making sure that your vehicle is prepared for freezing temperatures and packing everything you need for a camping trip. Moreover, you also have to be vigilant of threats of natural calamities such as tornadoes, hurricanes, or earthquakes. Hurricanes are most specifically a rather common occurrence here, especially since they tend to be the strongest within the south-eastern and southern coastal states.

They also usually hit around June to November, so you’d have to keep abreast of any possibility of that occurring just in case. For this, you can visit the page of the National Hurricane Center, US National Weather Service, and the Federal Emergency page for important details when it comes to natural disaster preparedness.

Political Situation

The US is subjected to a very divisive and heated political climate, especially with visas and immigration being the most commonly raised topics for debate. There is a significant focus on immigrants crossing the border from Mexico to gain entry to the country, but you will still have to secure a USA work visa to be permitted to work here legally. If you’re seeking immigration, it’s necessary that you speak to an immigration adviser at total.law so you can better navigate the country’s rather complicated and strict regulations. You can also opt to visit the website of the Department of state if you want more information about getting visas in the US.


The United States is a large country, being the fourth largest globally. Because of this, you can naturally expect destinations to be spread out quite often. Such is also why it has a largely car-dependent culture in many places outside big cities like Chicago, New York, or Boston, which have dependable public transport for commuters.

Here, there are internal flights that go from one destination to another, similar to what buses do. These flights are generally very safe, but often come with long lines at security in the airport, so it’s a good idea to leave enough time. Trains are also available here; however, the network is still not well-integrated, which makes driving an easier option. If you do, remember that every state has its own established traffic laws and speed limits, so make sure that you’re abiding by these regulations.


There’s no doubt that expats can enjoy a wonderful life in the US with respect to safety and security. However, it still pays to be proactive and be well-informed of the local laws and different regulations so you’d have a good understanding of its culture and lifestyle. If you need help in this, you can also speak to an immigration advisor at total.law to help guide you through the entire process.


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