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New Zealand

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Please tell us a little bit about your business.

HealthNow is a fintech/healthtech solution that simplifies the payment experience for patients, providers and employers, improves access to care, and prevents neglect and delays on a global scale. A key feature of our solution is Employer Assistance, which allows employers to contribute to the health care of their employees. HealthNow, Pay Later allows patients to split their medical expenses over up to 12 weeks interest-free. Health savers allow patients to save for future health needs.

Currently, 24-39% of patients delay medical care because of costs. We make healthcare accessible to more people.

What’s the story behind your business idea?

I have a health background from working as a healthcare provider to building a health business. It was always difficult to see patients who could not afford the care they needed. It was also a challenge for our business, as healthcare providers need their patients to make money. Therefore, increased accessibility increases opportunities on both sides of the network.

What programs, learning, and mentoring have helped you so far?

I am a lifelong learner. I He was part of the EO NZ Leader and the BNZ North Harbor Leader. I have had consistent mentoring from different individuals. Most recently, those listed on the About Us page on HealthNow and her website on CoverUS.

at a glance

Founder/s: Stephen Jinsli

Business description: Health Now

web: Healthnow.co.nz

Established: 2021

Headquarters: Auckland

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