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New Zealand

Harry Brooke hopes to beat dad’s high score after latest England heroism in New Zealand


the 4th England 100 times, scoring more runs after 9 innings than anyone else in Test history, Harry Brooke All I can think of is hitting his dad.

Brooke’s unbeaten 184 on day one in Wellington It was an incredible display of batting from a player England fans had only known for a few months.

The stats and records he’s breaking find his name listed next to what is instantly recognizable as the greatest player of all time, or what appears to be a fictional character from the 1800s. A doubleton of cards, only one name with a record he has his eye on.

“My dad’s highest score is 210,” Brooke said at the end of the play. “My highest score is his 194, so it’s in the back of my mind right now. I’m sure he’ll message me tonight to remind me.”

Brook’s father, David, who played for Burleigh Cricket Club in 2001, had a league-record two-tonne tally with 29 fours and seven sixes. According to match reports at the time, neighboring Grange his park his bowling his club’s players, as David rained six of his downs locally in his area, in what seems to be a Brook family tradition. I was forced to move my car to avoid potential damage.

Breaking records: Harry Brooke continues to shine early in his England career

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Putting family first is a common theme with Brooke. He is especially close to his grandmother Pauline. Pauline gained cricket fame in her journalism world just over a year before she kissed David Gower, who won the Cricket Writers Club’s Young Her Cricketer of the Year award on behalf of Brooke. won. .

Brooke’s constant presence, all the awards, the bottle of champagne he received for winning Man of the Match in the last Test transferred to her, and Brooke was bought at the IPL for £1.3m The pair were together when the December auction.

“I don’t know how to react,” Brooke said at the time. “I’m almost speechless. I went out to breakfast with my family and my grandma started crying.”

On Friday, Brook shared a staggering, unbeaten 294-run partnership with Joe Root. He’s a player I’ve known for years and was fired as a net bowler when he was 14. This memory again brought a family reaction.

“Grandma was sitting in the car watching,” Brooke recalled. “I bowled a little gentle inswinger and sneaked past him.”

‘Tough day’ says NZ’s Henry after 294-run England stand of Ruud and Brook

“He keeps bringing it up,” Root moaned last week at Mount Maunganui. “He came in as a net bowler at Headingley, kicked me out and kept talking about it. It’s so annoying.

“I’ve seen him go from boy to man and now almost bullied. Test attacks. Abnormal.”

Brook’s innings on Friday were notable. Arriving at the settlement with England in a 3-21 quagmire, he played a different game than the opposing route and a different sport than his team-mates who had already left.

Root’s 50 was 122 balls and Brook’s 100 was 107. He powered Darryl Mitchell for his sixth in a row in the afternoon long-off, and gave the same bowler another six runs in the evening. It was sublime batting from a player who trails only Sunil Gavaskar and Don Bradman in runs scored in his first six Test matches.

“Definitely,” Brook replied as to whether Friday’s innings was his best in England uniform. “The situation of the match above all. He lost three wickets in the early days which were not ideal, but he came out and tried to counter-punch and try to be as positive as he could and thankfully it came off. rice field.

“I don’t see the wicket until I’m actually out there. I’m not really a fan of having preconceived notions before I go out. Yes, it was a bit of a seam, but it was more of a bounce than anything else. But this Combining the two makes you feel much faster and like you can do more.”

And as for how he’ll be wearing an England shirt to celebrate yet another record-breaking day?

“FaceTime my girlfriend, FaceTime my family. Really that’s it, I’m pretty tired.

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