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New Zealand

Hardy people flock for a winter dip in Lake Wakatipu

The shortest day of the year was met with a big splash as a group of intrepid souls arrived at Queenstown Beach early Thursday night for the annual Solstice Swim.

The event was organized by the Southern Lakes Swimming Club and attracted approximately 30 people eager to enjoy an evening dip in Lake Wakatipu.

At 5pm, swimmers lined up in front of the aptly named restaurant, The Bathhouse, without hesitation, running and diving through the frigid water.

The water temperature was a tooth-shaking 5 degrees, but it didn’t last long as the swimmers were shivering out of the water with big smiles on their faces.

Solstice swimmer Laura Iohove discovered the event on social media and decided it was a “must” to attend.

“It was amazing. It was cold at first, just like when I got here, but it feels amazing, it feels so good,” she said, still soaking in the cold water.

Wet swimmers warmed their hands with towels and robes and returned to the beach, after which some enjoyed celebratory drinks.

And for serious swimmers, an even cooler challenge is on the horizon with the 1-kilometre ‘Glacier Legend’ lake swim scheduled for July 15th.

– By Riva Van Onselen

https://www.odt.co.nz/regions/queenstown/winter-dip-lake-wakatipu-attracts-hardy-bunch Hardy people flock for a winter dip in Lake Wakatipu

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