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Founders: Zoe Tomlinson Root & Mal Root

work: gold walk

Established: 2019

Headquarters: Canterbury

Could you tell us a little bit about your business?

We are at a stage in life where we work for a company, have 3 sports-loving, sociable kids, chase them, run around, and do volunteer work. Finding the right outfit for the variety of hats we wear between meetings, sports, short workouts and errands can be a challenge. This combined with the realization that fast fashion’s impact on the people who make it, and its impact on the planet, is becoming more apparent. We love saving money and finding vintage pieces, and we encourage people to do the same, but we know it can be a little hit and miss. It’s been hard to find brands that are sustainable, versatile, cool (as opposed to hiking gear), and that give back a little. This is how our brand was born.

Every product we launch is a “go-to” item in your wardrobe. We were gaped and couldn’t find exactly what we were looking for, stylish and made with people and the planet in mind. Personally we love our pieces and wear them all the time. Items look and feel great, gorgeous colors, fabrics, carefully crafted and designed to help you live, breathe and live your golden life confidently.

Here at Gold Walk, we don’t claim to be perfect, but we care about people and the planet and are constantly reviewing and working to identify improvements we can make to raise awareness with each collection. The Gold Walk is the feeling you get when you make choices and take steps along the lines of the life you dream of. What makes our brand different from others is that I share a behind the scenes look at the growth of this brand. Because I know firsthand how horrible it is. But one step at a time, I know how it feels to pursue what sets your heart on fire.

What is the background of your business idea?

I was a 5 year old girl in a princess dress on a sheep ranch. A 7-year-old girl whose mother dressed her in the morning and when I got to school changed into the clothes I hid in my bag. I always shared my clothes with her sister and friends. I worked at a popular fashion store after school and on weekends, and it was a great experience. When I was younger, I wanted to be a designer or a stylist, but my sewing class was so bad that I didn’t feel like I could be myself, so I decided to pursue a “safe” office job.

Maru and I worked in the construction industry. He focuses on sustainable infrastructure and myself on HR/personal and professional development. We were involved in the construction of wind farms and hydro power plants in the Philippines. The island we lived on had limited clothing options, so I started sewing my own dresses. A wind farm has opened, but there is nothing to wear and nothing to be found made of natural fibers or ethically. Many people have asked me to buy my dress. Then the money went down. I started designing a collection to be released in PHP, but ended up returning to New Zealand due to COVID-19. I had no intention of giving up, so I decided to change direction.

What programs, learning, and teaching have helped you so far?

  • Both Maru and I have executive experience in business and have built a great community/network of professionals in each field (fashion, finance, marketing).
  • There are also many on Google and YouTube.
  • You need to know when it’s the right time to go crazy and DIY and when it’s the best time to outsource your time and money to a professional to gain some traction.

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