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New Zealand

Focus on safety during Roar season

As Roaring season approaches, police want to remind hunters to prioritize the safety of themselves and their companions while engaging in hunting activities.

Hunting can be a thrilling experience, but it also carries certain risks, especially in remote areas and rough terrain.

Be well prepared:

Evaluate the weather forecast and plan accordingly, especially for rain and snow that can lead to rising river levels.

Make sure everyone has the proper clothing, food and equipment for every conceivable situation.

Consider the experience and fitness of everyone in your group when planning your trip.

Know where you’re going, carry a map with you, know how to read a map, and leave detailed intentions for friends and whanaus.

Carry an emergency communication device such as a distress beacon or satellite phone.

While hunting:

Involve the entire party in decision-making and ensure everyone is happy with the plan being created.

Even if you’re hunting alone, there are likely other hunters around, so take firearm safety seriously.

Identify the target beyond any doubt.

Treat all firearms as loaded, and if firearms are shared, ensure that the person holding the firearm is responsible for ensuring that the firearm is properly loaded. please give me.

Wear a blaze for bush hunting.

Also, don’t forget to check Seven Firearm Safety Rules.

This year, in partnership with the New Zealand Mountain Safety Council, we interviewed three of the district’s SAR officers for advice on how to maintain this roar.

you can find the story here You can access more information at MSC Big Game Hunting webpage.


Published by Police Media Center

https://www.police.govt.nz/news/release/focus-safety-roar-season Focus on safety during Roar season

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