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New Zealand

Flooded Aucklanders prepare for Cyclone Gabriel

As Aucklanders prepared for the arrival of Cyclone Gabriel, food and other relief items were being distributed to flood-weary families in community hubs.
photograph: RNZ/Soumya BhamidipatiMore

Aucklanders are having an anxious few days as another major storm could hit the city.

Cyclone Gabriel Northland is likely to hit Sunday before heading to Auckland and the Coromandel Peninsula, both of which could see a month’s worth of rain in a single day.

Auckland’s state of emergency extended ahead of extreme weather forecasts.

That’s as flood-weary communities continue to cope with the devastation of just two weeks ago, with 335 families remaining in temporary housing.

Broken fences, ruined clothes and broken furniture litter the cul-de-sacs of Henderson’s Mayfair Place. The suburbs were one of his worst-hit areas by the floods, with houses flooded neck-deep.

One local woman, who did not want to be named, said her heart ached every time she stepped outside.

The council had urged people to clear the roads of debris before the next storm, but she said the contaminated items were a health risk and required authorities to wear appropriate protective equipment and clean them up. said that there is

“It’s dirty water. Even my grass is dangerous,” she said.

“I’m not sure what’s going on. I don’t think help will come soon… [an assessment] Physically unable to get things done when another alert is due. ”

Henderson's Mayfair Place is one of the flooded streets.

Henderson’s Mayfair Place is one of the flooded streets.
photograph: RNZ/Soumya BhamidipatiMore

The disaster meant she was on guard for what might come next.

“It makes me more aware of where to look and what to look for when it comes to weather related things. ‘ she said.

“I’m talking about MetService… even the measurements, you want to know.

At the Henderson Center for Civil Defense, the Village Community Service Trust was one of 12 organizations that have gone all out to help people.

Chairman Sir Michael Jones said he stocks up on groceries in case he is forced to leave his home when the storm hits.

“Make sure the shelter is ready. It’s not just a school…it has to be a properly set up facility,” he said.

“But the question is how quickly can we mobilize people and organizations?”

Sir Michael Jones says Henderson Evacuation Center prepares for coming storm
photograph: RNZ/Soumya BhamidipatiMore

Emergency management authorities are now working to set up more shelters.

One of Henderson’s just had his busiest day yet, handing out 90 groceries and asking more than 150 people for financial help.

Henderson Civil Defense Center.

Clothes were prepared for those in need.
photograph: RNZ/Soumya BhamidipatiMore

Community Waitakere’s Mark Allen said they were trying to be able to keep up with demand as more severe weather continued along the way.

“We are concerned about the approaching severe weather,” he said.

“We look forward to hearing soon what the decision will be around that, which could be relocating to a site that can accommodate new people needing assistance if it expands.”

Meanwhile, a woman in Mayfair Place was assessing her home for structural damage, checking wiring and making sure all her phones and other devices were charged. This time, she hoped to be mentally better prepared.

“Just knowing that everything was going well, just knowing how well I was doing, when I went through any kind of trauma, I was mentally prepared, but I didn’t overdo it.” I don’t want to, I mean, I don’t want to. I lost.”

She, like many others, hopes that Cyclone Gabriel will miss the city.

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