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New Zealand

Flavio Hangarter, What is Business/Startup Bootstrapping? – NZ Entrepreneur Magazine

Got my ticket for 2022 NZ SME&E Festival This November 8th and 9th? Every week we share podcasts from many of the great business speakers and mentors you can catch at the festival.

What is Business/Startup Bootstrapping?

Festival host Craig Murray speaks to special guest Flavio Hangarter in this episode of the SME&E Festival Podcast. This podcast is bootstrap Your options to consider your business, what it means, how to do it and if you need to raise money for your new business/startup/side hustle.




What is the SME&E Festival?

7 Headline Speakers, 26 Workshops, 1 SME&E Party, 700 Attendees – Don’t Miss Business Event 2022

The SME&E Festival seamlessly combines quality business learning from NZ’s best business minds with entertainment, creativity and innovation. SME&E is a new business learning experience, leaving you with new insights, new skills to implement, and a strategic framework to help your business grow.Get your tickets at www.nzsmeefestival.com Or hear more about the event below.

https://nzentrepreneur.co.nz/smee-festival-podcast-flavio-hangarter-what-is-bootstrapping-a-business-startup/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=smee-festival-podcast-flavio-hangarter-what-is-bootstrapping-a-business-startup Flavio Hangarter, What is Business/Startup Bootstrapping? – NZ Entrepreneur Magazine

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