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financial advice regulator

The Financial Markets Authority has “substantially completed the appointment of senior positions” as part of its reorganization.

Friday, March 17, 2023 at 1:32 PM

Added three new directors to the strategic leadership “cohort” role.

  • Michael Hughes – Director – taking deposits, insurance, advice
  • John Horner – Director – Markets, Investors, Reporting
  • peter taylor – Professional supervision and handling of the Director.

Hewes and Horner report to Clare Bolingford, Executive Director of Regulatory Affairs, and Taylor reports to Paul Gregory, Executive Director of Regulatory Affairs and Enforcement.

Two of these appointments are internal promotions. Hewes has been at his FMA for seven years and Horner said he joined the regulator in October 2020.

Taylor has an extensive regulatory and legal background, having worked at senior management level in financial services, competition and economic regulation in New Zealand and abroad.

Previously, he helped establish Business Banking Resolution Services (BBRS) in the UK. In 2016, he was Director of Legal, Enforcement and Policy at the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission. The organization for which Samantha Barras, CEO of FMA, worked.

Taylor’s FMA role includes responsibility for a functional team of expert oversight, boundaries and responses.

Hewes is responsible for effectively overseeing depositors, insurance companies and financial advisors.

Horner will be responsible for effective oversight of capital markets, investment management, audits and financial reporting.

Barrass said the FMA has “completed extensive research to fill these specific director roles.”

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