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New Zealand

Festival cuisine enlivens local cuisine

Savor the South highlights the region as a foodie lover’s paradise.

Featuring the region’s finest produce, locally sourced gastronomy is served at several cafes and restaurants in and around Invercargill, showcasing a wide variety of meats, seafood and local flavors. increase.

The festival was conceived by Hospitality New Zealand’s Southland chapter to revitalize the region’s hospitality industry in the wake of Covid and bring renewed attention to its cuisine, drops and accommodations.

Darrell Jenkins, Regional Manager for Hospitality New Zealand Southland, said he hopes to get people out and eat again.

“We came up with the idea of ​​showcasing Southland’s amazing produce because it’s truly the best in the world.”

The festival kicked off last weekend at Street Dine Fiordland and will continue throughout the month.

“We want to have big main events in each region of Southland.We want to grow to Goa next year.”

This year was tougher than usual due to personnel issues, so all the members who participated were looking forward to being able to participate again.

Jeremy Hawkes, owner of Crafty’s Bar & Grill, said the festival was a great opportunity to promote the region’s cuisine because he was busy at his restaurant.

“Hopefully many other local businesses will join us…and we are working little by little to showcase the greatness we have here.”

Crafty’s serves some of the region’s finest cuisine and locally brewed beer, including crawfish pan-fried dumplings, lamb burgers with minced lamb and lamb bacon, and homemade blueberry and farm-fresh milk gelato crepes. 3-course meals are served throughout the month.

“We are not known for the climate here for many reasons…but the reality is that we have a great climate for producing some great products.

“Because of the green grass, the fine pastures, the different kinds of animals, the fruits, the vegetables…there are a lot of people doing well locally here.”

Joe Wilkes, head chef and co-owner of Bach Café, said the area is perfect for growing homegrown produce and wanted to showcase it later this month.

The Batch presents slow-cooked Leland lamb neck and chimichurri in suede confit with honey and thyme carrots.

Mrs. Jenkins said the highlight of the festival was the finale, a degustation lunch by a young chef of Pure South fame.

The chefs in training have come from Invercargill’s Southern Institute of Technology, Queenstown Resort College, Invercargill’s Frontline Training, ILT and Southland Boys’ High School, and will use Southland-grown ingredients. Be mentored by one of the world’s renowned chefs. pave the way for the industry.

Other participating eateries include The Speight’s Ale House, Two Doors Down, The Homestead Restaurant and Global Byte.


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