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New Zealand

Expect to see police on North Island highways

Police will be patrolling the North Island’s major routes this weekend in a coordinated operation across five police districts.

The operation will run nearly the entire length of the North Island and will focus on improper driver behavior known to cause significant damage when people make mistakes on the road.

Bay of Plenty District Commander Superintendent Tim Anderson, who is leading the operation, said more than 200 officers would be involved over the weekend.

“We are devoting significant resources to this operation because we are determined to keep people traveling safe this Labor Weekend,” said Superintendent Anderson.

Weekend patrols are highly visible, targeting peak times in key locations.

“This is ultimately about reducing the harm caused on our roads,” says director Anderson.

“We are all human and sometimes we make mistakes, be it turning a corner, running into another road user on the road or spotting an animal on the road.

“However, by not speeding, not drinking and driving, and making sure everyone is wearing seat belts, the severity of the resulting damage is greatly reduced.”

Police patrols focus on all major driver behaviors that lead to traffic accidents. Drivers who may be disabled by alcohol, drugs, or fatigue. People not wearing seat belts or appropriate restraints. Drivers are distracted, especially by using mobile phones.

“The more we can influence these behaviors, the safer we are all.”

With staff from Manukau, Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Eastern and Central counties, it focuses on key routes across the North Island.


Published by Police Media Center

https://www.police.govt.nz/news/release/expect-see-police-north-island-highways Expect to see police on North Island highways

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