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New Zealand

England’s heartbreak as New Zealand explodes back to win the World Cup

new zealand They retained the World Cup after beating England’s 30-match unbeaten record in a thrilling final at Eden Park.

The Black Ferns ran out a 34-31 winner despite drawing most of their game against the Red Roses who had to dig in their players for over an hour after Lydia Thompson was sent off.

It was heartbreaking for Simon Middleton’s team, who threw everything at the tournament organizers as Amy Cocaine conceded three tries.

England head coach Middleton Made five changes to the lineup that beat Canada in the semi-finals.

Helena Rowland suffered a leg injury in that game, Harlequins’ Ellie Kildun was replaced at fullback and clubmate Vicky Cornborough came on as a loosehead prop following Hannah Botterman’s knee injury. .

Holly Aitchison Starting from inside center in place of Tatiana Hurd, Claudia McDonald was on the bench and Abby Dow switched from right wing to left wing. Thompson returns on the right.

New Zealand made one change. Liana Mikaele-Tu’u’s injury forced their hands and she was replaced by her Charmaine McMenamin.

From the start this was a desperate affair, with Erie Kildun running on the opening score and Cocaine crossing after the trademark England mall. Both were converted by Emily Scarratt, with the Red Roses taking the lead early on.

Just 18 minutes into the first half, Thompson was sent off for a high tackle on Portia Woodman, Ayesha Letty-Ega came on to replace the injured Black Fern, Georgia Ponsonby crossed and Lenny Holmes kicked an extra. .

But if New Zealand thought the tide had turned, Marley Packer gave them even more when he went to extend England’s lead after the lineout before the Retiliga touched down on a few acres of space. Holmes hit the mark again.

After claiming the game’s second try, Cocaine found room for Amy Rule to overcome and cut the deficit to seven.

The second half was just 30 seconds down when the Black Ferns put on a spectacular display of a running and passing game as Stacey Fuller passed them. Holmes just missed the kick and tied things up.

It was all New Zealand right after the break, but they took the lead for the first time when Crystal Murray came in from just meters away.

Holmes’ missed kick meant the advantage was only three, and it was swept when Cocaine crossed for the third time after another driving maul from the lineout.

There was always the feeling that the lead would not last, and with ten minutes remaining Leti-l’iga scored a well-deserved try to win the World Cup final.

Fitzpatrick’s kick cracked English The defense and Fleurer came together to add the final touch by throwing the ball just short of the Retiliga line.

https://www.independent.co.uk/sport/england-new-zealand-middleton-holly-aitchison-english-b2223621.html England’s heartbreak as New Zealand explodes back to win the World Cup

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