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England ‘disappointed’ at not reaching bonus deal with FA before World Cup

England’s players have expressed disappointment in talks with the football federation over bonuses and commercial structures that were not resolved before the World Cup started.

In a statement from the team posted on social media by the captain Millie Bright, lioness “We are suspending the discussion with the intention of revisiting it after the tournament,” he said.

campaign of the European champions in the showpiece of Australia and new zealand They play Haiti in Brisbane on Saturday.

“Last year we communicated our concerns with the FA regarding bonuses and commercial structures,” the statement said.

“I am disappointed that a solution has not yet been achieved.

“We believe that the successful conclusion of these discussions through player input and a transparent long-term plan will be key to the growth of women’s football in Japan.” England.

“With the season opener just around the corner, we Lionesses have decided to suspend discussions, with the intention of resuming discussions after the tournament.

“We all feel a strong sense of responsibility to grow our game. I believe it will.

“We look forward to playing for our country at this World Cup with pride, passion and perseverance.”

With the season opener just around the corner, we Lionesses have decided to put the discussion on hold, with the intention of resuming after the tournament.

England players statement

Last month, FIFA unveiled a new financial allocation model for this summer’s competition.

Under this model, players are guaranteed performance-related rewards directly by FIFA, ranging from US$30,000 (£23,000) per player in the group stage to an allotted US$270,000 (£206,000) per player in tournaments. The higher the team, the higher the amount. to each champion.

Previously, each country’s governing body determined how the funds were distributed, with some government agencies still agreeing to fund additional payments in 2023 beyond the new agreement.

England’s players were disappointed by the fact that the FA did not follow the guidance of the Australian and American federations, which have collective bargaining agreements, in terms of paying bonuses on top of the prize money FIFA pays players directly. It is understood that .

Players are also understood to be frustrated by the lack of clarity about what they get out of commercial contracts made by the FA with ties to the Lionesses, as well as restrictions on personal sponsorship.

The PA has reached out to the FA for comment.

The Professional Footballers’ Association released a statement from CEO Maheta Morango, who said: “The issues highlighted by the Lionesses are specific to negotiations with the FA, but they join the many World Cup players who are ready,” when it seems their voices are not being heard. , to establish a position.

“It would be a big mistake to underestimate the true strength of a player’s feelings on these issues.

“It is no coincidence that this is a particular problem for countries that do not have adequate collective bargaining agreements in place between athletes and governing bodies.

“These long-term agreements require negotiations and are almost always accompanied by difficult talks.

“This means everyone knows where they stand, which is obviously a huge advantage going into big tournaments when players just want to focus on football.

“The PFA’s view has always been that players’ rights and conditions should be addressed affirmatively and viewed as a partnership.

“When players feel they have to go back issue by issue to strive for parity and progress, there are bound to be consequences. It doesn’t have to be like this.”

https://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/lionesses-millie-bright-england-australia-new-zealand-b2377294.html England ‘disappointed’ at not reaching bonus deal with FA before World Cup

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