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England ‘desperate’ for World Cup success, says head coach Jess Thirlby

England Head coach Jess Thirlby believes the team is “pretty committed to success” heading into the summer’s World Cup campaign.

Thirlby announced their traveling team on Tuesday. South Africa For tournaments starting July 28th Cape Town. England start campaign against Barbados.

veteran Jade Clark Along with Helen Hausby, Leila Gascos and Natalie Metcalfe, he was named in his sixth World Cup appearance and was the first time World Netball allowed the selection of three travel reserves.

England have yet to win a World Cup since the World Cup began in 1963, with the Roses finishing third at home in the last tournament in 2019, but Thirlby has high hopes.

she said: “The whole vibe of our interactions is that we’re in touch pretty regularly almost every week. In fact, the energy is great and they’re a great group.

“First of all, I think their humility really shines through because they’re just a bunch of brilliant people.

“They feel very blessed and are pretty committed to a successful summer and what we have to do to make sure they give themselves that best chance. is.”

The retirement of experienced players like Joe Harten also paved the way for five World Cup debutants to cross to South Africa.

Fanmi Fadoj and Olivia Cine are set to make their first senior tournament appearances, while Imogen Allison, Eleanor Cardwell and Laura Malcolm are set to make their first World Cup appearances, and Thirlby is a fresh face. expressed confidence in

she said: “I believe all of our debutants will come and do a great job for the team and give us a chance to have great success in the summer.

“But I think we have exciting talent in the long term. I’m sure we have seven, eight, nine players here. Australia at the next Commonwealth Games and World Cup.

“I think this is great for the sporting world, but most importantly for the future Roses.

“When I got the job, I was pretty keen on the importance of not only giving the best chance of success in the short term, but also setting the team up for success in the future. .”

The Netball World Cup is part of a huge summer in women’s sports, with Lionesses competing in the Soccer World Cup in Australia and New Zealand, while England prepares to host Australia in the Ashes. We are preparing.

“There’s room for all of us and hopefully some Lioness success in the summer. I think women’s sport is in great shape,” added Thirlby.

“Let’s make sure there’s room for everyone and we’re not competing with them, we’re competing with the rest of the world so let’s go to England in the summer !”

https://www.independent.co.uk/sport/england-jade-clarke-south-africa-cape-town-australia-b2339935.html England ‘desperate’ for World Cup success, says head coach Jess Thirlby

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