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New Zealand

enemy of enemy is friend


Now, in a sign of potential electoral instability in Auckland, the centre-right C&R group has backed the legendary left in his fight to reclaim council seats from its centre-left opponents. doing.

Politics makes strange allies.

National Party alter ego community and residents back former Alliance member and ‘strong leftist’ Mike Lee in tactical bid to overthrow Pippa Combe, one of the left’s most dynamic legislators doing.

Things are heating up personally and politically in the Waitemata and Bay Area elections as mail-in ballots continue leading up to Election Day on 8 October.

It is one of the 20 seats in parliament. In the last election in 2019, C&R’s Sarah Trotman won nearly 3,000 votes, with Lee and Combe outnumbering them by thousands, but Combe’s margin of victory was just 320.

In a way, the battle for seats can be seen as a symbolic battlefield over Auckland’s biggest issues: transport and congestion, climate change, housing enhancement and city finances.

Lee said the rare circumstances in which C&R did not take a seat this time and supported him was a result of the state of affairs in the Auckland Council, which people like Combe had crafted. “The C&R turned against me last time, but given what happened, I think they regretted the day they did it.Labour people also support me, but the C&R as a team I stand in this ward.”

Mr. Combe had previously hailed Mr. Lee as a “progressive champion,” but his ties with not only the C&R, but also the taxpayers’ union and Hobson’s Pledge, right-wing groups lobbying for the Waitangi Treaty. He said he was sorry to hear that. – A question of law and race for all.

Lee told Newsroom that he had nothing to do with or endorse the Hobson pledge.

He adds: “Of course, the Taxpayers Union has long supported my position on the City Council tax rate and spending. In fact, I have a stricter policy on tax rates than the Taxpayers Union.”

The rare sight of C&R pushing Lee is no coincidence. The group seeks to oppose these elections against a majority of council members, including Combe, who has had solid votes for the center-left and Goff throughout this term.

Incumbent Waitemater and Gulf Councilor Pippa Combe.Photo: Pippa Combe official website

A former local board chairman and a strong proponent of cycling, active public transport and enhanced housing, Combe is seen by some as a symbol of progressive urban politics and a toll payer for urban development. Some see it as the embodiment of dissatisfaction and dissatisfaction.

Mr Lee worries that the low voter turnout so far indicates people’s disillusionment with the Auckland Council’s accomplishments. “Citizens are responding in unique ways to failures in Auckland City Council and local democracy.

“Whether you vote for this or vote for that, you will still get instructions from Auckland Transport Authority and your parking lot will be taken. No matter what you write in your submission, your original plan will pass.

“People internalize it and say, ‘Frankly, I’m not going to play their game.’ I picked up a real turn-off by the political public. It’s a tragedy. ”

“This is the Council’s own fault, their own arrogance, their pre-selection of positions, their own hiding of information the public needs to know.”

While he may have had his head cut off from the 2019 loss, he’s also personally critical of Combe. “It’s really baffling how a center-left, liberal, eco-friendly, cycling person could make so many enemies.”

Coom, again backed by City Vision, has been a strong supporter of Goff and has been vocal on social media about what she calls a “toxic culture” created by a small group of councilors. ing.

She has been a sharp critic of mayoral candidate Wayne Brown, who is battling Labor and Green Party-backed MP Ephesus Collins over Gough’s succession.

She told Newsroom that when Lee was endorsed by City Vision, he campaigned for Lee in three elections and “he accomplished a lot, including stopping the sale of the Port of Oakland.” rice field.

“He is now aligned with interests that were once the antithesis of his principles.”

Mr Lee claims the Auckland City Council is in serious financial trouble. Combe says he’s making statements you need to know that aren’t true, such as congressional debt and spending spiraling out of control.

“There are many things in his campaign newsletter that are not true….there are no plans to hand over control of the Hauraki Gulf…nor are there any ‘related plans to divide the regional park.’ “

Lee claims Coom was behind the move to place the regional park under the Hauraki Gulf Forum co-government model.

The ward includes downtown Auckland, some suburbs, Waiheke Island and the Aotea/Great Barrier Gulf Islands.

Mr Lee says the Waitemata area is particularly threatened by housing enhancement schemes that could change the area’s special character. ”

The Auckland Council, in favor of Combe, plans to convert an area of ​​approximately 25,000 homes, mainly in the suburban Auckland suburbs of Ponsonby, Grey Lynn, Parnell and Remuera, into a majority-high four-storey building. proposed to protect against government-ordered plan changes allowing multiple dwellings up to . main center of the country. A final decision on attempts to protect these zones will be made after the Planning Commission reviews Congressional plans and public submissions.

Mr. Combe, who is critical of mayoral candidate Brown and a left-of-center colleague of Ephesus Collins, said Mr. Lee could work with either of the two front-runners. “I consider Ephesus a friend and agree with most, but not all, of Wayne Brown’s programs.”

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