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New Zealand

Eagles Everywhere Goes To Another Level In Australia, New Zealand

sage harley

You know what they say, eagles are everywhere! That sentiment was true as fans around the world flocked to watch the Eagles defeat the Houston Texans in Week 9 of the 2022 NFL season.

The Eagles hosted an official International Watch Party, inviting fans to celebrate the team together at venues across three different cities in Australia and New Zealand, over thousands of miles from the game itself.

“As an NFL team, we have a unique opportunity to reach fans around the world,” said Jen Kavanagh, senior vice president of media and marketing.

“The first official Eagles Watch Parties in New Zealand and Australia this November provided a special moment that truly captivated and energized our international fan base. The fans have an unparalleled passion and enthusiasm for the team, and we have a growing presence of Eagles fans in Australia and New Zealand.”

The party was a great success. Over 500 fans flocked to his three spots, proving that the Eagles’ fan camaraderie is unwavering no matter where they are in the world. The party brought together existing Eagles devotees, football enthusiasts, and new watchers of all ages from the Down Under, perpetuating an inspiring atmosphere that so many love.

The initiative was carried out in collaboration with the NFL’s new General Manager of Australia and New Zealand, Charlotte Offord, who attended the Gold Coast event at The Sporting Globe.

“There are a lot of fans in the market who love the NFL. They have been watching the games with a passion. I saw it,’ said Offford.

Describing the day, she recalled fans of all ages and demographics arriving in their favorite team gear, donning Kelly green, midnight green, black and white jerseys from all eras of the Eagles. rice field.

In a sea of ​​Eagles fandom, football radio host Cameron Luke wore the No. 1 Jalen Hurts jersey t-shirt. He and former NFL punter Ben Graham hosted all day. The two interacted with attendees and everyone immersed themselves in the Eagles experience, enjoying wings, team trivia and games. Australian his football players in his league and other former NFL players were also interacting with fans and reveling in their love of the sport.

“There were helmets, pads, jerseys, huge backdrops of Eagles, and people were pretending to be American football players and trying them on,” Offford said.

“I think it’s really great to create an environment where like-minded fans can come together and play together.”

Pat Murtah was one of the former AFL players who got into the fun. While he was there, he took a life-changing call — as the game was streaming on screens all around him — from the NFL to the league’s International Player Pathway program, which identifies outstanding players. I have just received notification that I am one of 11 players selected to participate.Athletes from around the world who have potential in the NFL. Though the day was kept to himself, Murtah was happy to take on the new opportunity and saw a team with two Australians as he scored a shot as well.

Since its inception, the International Player Pathway (IPP) program has led 26 players to NFL rosters. Among them are the Eagles’ starting left, his tackle Jordan Mailata, and the practice team’s defensive end Matt Leo.

The two are integral cogs in the 14-3 machine, the Eagles team in 2022, which has won the most regular season wins in franchise history while securing home field advantage through the playoffs.

With the post-season looming, Offford hopes football fans in Australia and New Zealand will continue to grow their community and support the team as they blaze a winning path.

“We really can only go up from here. Very early in the season, we got people excited, engaged, engaged. Now that the Eagles are nearing the playoffs, what can we do to get the fans excited? There’s still a lot to come. The next few weeks,” she said.

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