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New Zealand

Diocese of Christchurch Issues Letter

The Bishop of Christchurch, Michael Gielen, was released three days after he refused to allow the printing or publication of a letter regarding the restructuring of the diocese and the rebuilding of the new cathedral. letter.

The move on March 29 was after considerable interest in the letter’s contents, especially from Catholics who were unable to attend the Sunday Mass where it was read.

Those attending Mass who heard the letter wanted more opportunities to “digest” it.

CathNews originally sought a copy of the letter through the church’s National Communications Office, but the National Communications Office was told that the Diocese of Christchurch considers the matter a local issue.

Evidence suggests otherwise.

Halting the construction of a new $100 million cathedral district, suspending parish mergers, and withholding the bishop’s letter received considerable local, national, and international attention. .

A New Zealand communications consultant who was able to read the letter labeled it “great” and said he could not understand why the parish had kept it a secret.

“People replace silence with their own meaning, which can easily confuse or dilute the message,” he said.

The diocese’s general manager, Simon Thompson, told the Christchurch Press that the diocese was informed of the legal challenge by the Vatican and advised by its lawyers to stop all work on the plan.

Thompson said the parish had nothing to hide, but did not want to impede legal proceedings.

He said the diocese wants to respect the legal process and is not aware of the exact details of the canon law challenge at this time.

Thompson told the Christchurch Press that once the parish receives full details of the assignment, the path forward will become clearer.

CathNews understands that legal challenges are primarily related to the communication process surrounding parish planning. “Our Faith and Future,” the demolition of the Catholic Cathedral on Barbados Street after the Christchurch earthquake, and the sale of the Maryville Court Retirement Village.

Gielen, who was named Catholic Bishop of Christchurch, immediately endorsed the diocese’s plan “Our Faith, Our Future” and said the work begun would lead the diocese to “great progress”. rice field.

Initially excited about the challenge, Gielen’s letter suggests he changed his mind about the parish’s plan, “Our Faith, Our Future,” after talking with people throughout the parish. .

He wants to move forward in prayer with him.


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https://cathnews.co.nz/2023/04/03/christchurch-diocese-publishes-the-letter/ Diocese of Christchurch Issues Letter

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