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New Zealand

Designer wardrobe hits $1 million monthly in online transaction – NZ Entrepreneur Magazine

an online buying, selling and renting marketplace, designer wardrobecontinues to grow its market share, becoming New Zealand’s largest retailer of its kind, with a total market turnover of over $1 million per month.

Its continued success is largely due to fine-tuning the technology and logistics that underpin its online operations to create a better user experience and drive sales.

However, recent years have not been smooth sailing. In 2020 Designer Wardrobe acquired three of his physical stores in Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland. However, gradual lockdowns and a lack of retailer certainty have forced businesses to change their strategies and focus on building a presence in the online space. , had a silver lining.

CEO Aidan Bartlett says designer wardrobe “came out on the other side of Covid with a stronger business” even without a physical store, with both marketplace and rental divisions .

The business has focused on solving the logistics of online rentals through the development of bespoke warehouses, iPhone apps, internal tracking systems, postal fitting services, warehouse fitting rooms and smart locker pickup options.

By developing a plug-in calculator that converts sizes for different brands, we are also addressing the previously difficult problem of getting an exact size. You can get the exact size.

The designer wardrobe marketplace, where people can buy and sell designer clothes they love, is also gaining momentum with 2.5x growth since 2020.

Designer Wardrobe sellers are up to 6x more likely to sell items than regular marketplaces, with most items selling within 3 days.

Bartlett believes growing interest in resale, the circular economy and sustainability is gaining more support.

“Growth has been completely organic. We saw more transactions, more listings per user, more users. I think I was motivated by the fact that by buying from , people can reduce waste and have a positive impact on the environment.”

Today, Designer Wardrobe sellers are up to six times more likely to sell items than regular marketplaces, and the 100% digital rental service now generates about 70% of the revenue businesses were making in physical stores before they closed. is producing

Bartlett said he is confident their success will continue, especially after their recent success.
Addition of kids category and expansion to Australian market.
Main focus for 2023.

Also coming soon is a new feature that allows brands and retailers to partner with Designer Wardrobe to make it easier for users to resell items later. A clickable widget allows a ‘sell later’ option when purchasing. All product information and images are stored in Designer Wardrobe, allowing users to list items at a later date. The feature is set to launch next year in partnership with popular retail brands.

“With this exciting technology and other improvements we have made as we have adapted our strategy for a post-Covid world, we are very strongly positioned for continued success. There is a real appetite for sustainable solutions and we are proud to be leading the way,” said Bartlett.

https://nzentrepreneur.co.nz/designer-wardrobe-hits-1-million-a-month-in-online-transactions/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=designer-wardrobe-hits-1-million-a-month-in-online-transactions Designer wardrobe hits $1 million monthly in online transaction – NZ Entrepreneur Magazine

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