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Delhi air is a ‘crime against humanity’, spurs calls to close schools

A man jogs on the road in front of India Gate during smog in New Delhi on November 1, 2022.
Photo: Money Sharma/AFP

Delhi’s 20 million inhabitants are effectively breathing smoke today as Air Quality Indexes (AQI) have passed the ‘critical’ and ‘dangerous’ categories at nearly every monitoring station in the Indian capital. I am calling for schools to close.

AQIs exceeded 450 in many locations earlier in the day, according to Central Pollution Control Commission data. According to the federal government, numbers above 400 affect healthy people and severely affect those with pre-existing illnesses.

According to data from the Delhi Pollution Control Commission, the index was above 800 in some districts of the city.

“What is happening with Delhi’s air pollution is nothing less than a crime against humanity!” author and socialite Suhel Seth wrote on Twitter. “Accountability is completely broken!”

The world’s most polluted capital is covered in smog every winter, and cold, heavy air suffuses construction dust, vehicle exhaust, and the burning of stubble to clear fields for the next crop in neighboring states. traps smoke from

Air quality can deteriorate as temperatures cool, winds soften, and winds change direction.

Parents and environmentalists on social media called for the school to close.

“I know kids won’t vote for you but I am calling on all mayors of Delhi (Capital) to close all schools immediately,” environmental activist Vimlendu Jah wrote on Twitter. “Breathing AQIs above 500 is not normal. Not for our children, where one in three children already has some form of lung disease.”

Delhi Prime Minister Arvind Kejriwal, who heads a political party where crop burning is rampant in Punjab, tweeted that “people of Punjab and Delhi are doing everything in their power to tackle the pollution.” Stated.

This week, the capital halted most construction and demolition work to curb dust pollution, encouraged residents to share car and motorcycle travel, work from home where possible, and use coal and firewood at home. called for reduction.


https://www.rnz.co.nz/news/world/478011/delhi-s-air-a-crime-against-humanity-spurs-calls-to-close-schools Delhi air is a ‘crime against humanity’, spurs calls to close schools

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