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Controversial Bishop Strickland faces disciplinary action

The Texas bishop doesn’t mind the possibility of Vatican disciplinary action.

Controversial Texas Bishop Joseph Strickland is facing Vatican sanctions for challenging Pope Francis’ papal authority, according to multiple sources.

Known for his conservative views and provocative rhetoric, Strickland (pictured) has voiced his support for unvaccinated clerics and the events leading up to the January 6, 2021 attack on the Capitol. It has been criticized for various issues such as participation in

Recently, Strickland said on Twitter that he believes the Pope is “undermining the stock of faith”.

His efforts have prompted some critics to call for Mr Strickland’s resignation, while others have called for the Vatican to intervene.

The Vatican’s displeasure with Strickland came to light during The Terry and Jesse Show broadcast, with co-host Terry Barber detailing alleged contacts between Strickland and Vatican US Ambassador Archbishop Christophe Pierre. rice field.

Archbishop Christophe Pierre, an Apostolic Ambassador to the United States, is said to have approached Strickland at a meeting of the American Catholic Bishops’ Conference.

According to Barber, Pierre “waggled his finger” at Strickland and said, “Bishop Strickland, we are watching you. Stop talking about the deposit of faith.” .

“[Mr Strickland]doesn’t really care,” Barber said of the alleged contacts.

“The truth sets us free. If he resigns because he is telling the truth, so be it.”

Dressing down didn’t seem to have much effect

An anonymous source said the confrontation occurred at a USCCB conference in Baltimore, Maryland, in November 2021, where envoys made controversial Strickland posts, including posts against the novel coronavirus vaccine. Mentioned his Twitter feed.

“I don’t want to comment,” Strickland said when asked about the encounter by email this week.

The envoy’s office did not respond to multiple requests for comment.

Barber said he did not want to discuss the incident further and would not disclose his sources. Instead, he criticized Pope Francis, accusing him of being vague on important moral issues and calling him “a calamity for the Catholic Church.”

Despite Strickland’s alleged dressing down, which was intended to deter Mr Strickland’s controversial behavior, it appears to have had little effect.

Since the 2021 meeting, Strickland has continued to challenge the authority and rhetoric of church officials, including the Pope.

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