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New Zealand

Communities at the heart of this Waitangi Day policing

Police are working with Northland communities and partners ahead of Waitangi Day 2023.

This year marks the first time the commemoration has returned in person after a hiatus due to pandemic restrictions.

Police response chief Lieutenant Dean Robinson said working with iwi is a priority.

“The Te Tai Tokelau police have built strong relationships with the local iwi, hapu and community over the years.

Manaakitanga is at the center of planning for Waitangi Day.

Months of planning, consulting with local iwi and hapu to provide a safe and successful weekend, putting the health of our community at the center. “

Waitangi is one of New Zealand’s largest police operations.

A significant number of staff members from across Te Tai Tokelau are present and supported by colleagues from other districts to support Kaupapa’s commemoration.

Police iwi liaison officers also work with local iwis to offer a Whanau-friendly weekend.

A large crowd is expected for the commemoration weekend.

Police are coordinating responses with partner agencies such as FENZ and Saint John to ensure public safety.

Dear participants, please be careful and respectful and enjoy your long weekend here at Te Tai Tokelau Northland.


Sinelle Fernandez/New Zealand Police

https://www.police.govt.nz/news/release/community-centre-policing-waitangi-day Communities at the heart of this Waitangi Day policing

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