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China Postpones Anthony Blinken’s Beijing Visit Over ‘Spy Balloon’ Concerns – Report

Secretary of State Anthony Brinken,
photograph: Getty Pool via AFP

China has denied Secretary of State Anthony Brinken a visit to Beijing over fears that the FBI will release the findings of an investigation into a suspected crashed Chinese spy balloon. financial times Reported, citing sources.

The paper, citing four people familiar with the negotiations, told the U.S. that China was not ready to reschedule a trip that Mr. Blinken canceled in February, but that the Joe Biden administration has made the move. He said it remained unclear what to do with the report.

Earlier this week, Blinken said he would visit China if the conditions were right. He also added that his goal is not to contain China or join a new Cold War.

A handout photo from Chase Doak, taken on February 1, 2023 and published on February 2, shows a suspected Chinese spy balloon over Billings, Montana.  -The Pentagon said on Feb. 2 that he was tracking a Chinese spy balloon flying over the United States, days before a rare visit to Beijing by a top U.S. diplomat, and tensions between the two countries erupted. Revived.

A suspected Chinese spy balloon over Billings, Montana.
photograph: AFP / Chase Doak

Earlier this month, the Pentagon said it could not confirm reports that Chinese spy balloons were able to transmit real-time information to China when they flew over classified U.S. military installations earlier this year, and U.S. analysis is still ongoing. He added that it was not. in progress.

A suspected Chinese surveillance balloon first flew into U.S. airspace north of Alaska’s Aleutian Islands on January 28.

The balloon flew over the United States and Canada for a week before being shot down from the Atlantic coast by U.S. forces on Biden’s orders.


https://www.rnz.co.nz/news/world/488022/china-stalls-antony-blinken-s-beijing-visit-over-spy-balloon-concerns-report China Postpones Anthony Blinken’s Beijing Visit Over ‘Spy Balloon’ Concerns – Report

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