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Charity adds attached clothing boutique to resume

Moving to a street-level site in Lower Hutt and opening a beloved boutique next door means Dress for Success can help even more people in their job search.

The Hutt Hub operation is part of a global organization that breathes new life into clothing and accessories to dress women entering and returning to the workforce in search of financial independence.

The new boutique will bring much-needed income and help find a home for some of the donated clothing.

Amanda Breton, program manager at DFS Wellington, says social enterprises are finding it increasingly difficult to raise funds these days.

Saving quality clothing from landfills

Clothes move back and forth between the client’s styling area and the shop on a regular basis. This keeps both collections up to date.

Another purpose is to prevent quality clothing from ending up in landfills.

We cannot claim the title of the country’s first Dress for Success shop, but we are the first in the Wellington area. The region has DFS sites in Central Wellington and Lower Hutt.

Amanda says the move from a small two-story building on High Street near McDonald’s to the corner of Margaret and Dudley Streets has also improved access since it’s a ground-floor site.

There is plenty of parking nearby and the location is near the popular Saturday Riverbank Market.

The old site had space for styling sessions only. The new site has two adjacent spaces. The boutique faces Margaret Street. Around the corner on Dudley Street, the Styling Site has an administrative space where you can bring in clothes you’d like to donate.

dress for success

“Leading people to success” is the main purpose of the organization and we recognize that presentations are an important part of non-verbal communication.

Some clients are looking for suitable clothes and shoes for a job interview, while others need a basic wardrobe to meet the dress code for their new job.

Other circumstances include proper clothing worn under the graduation gown, court appearances (both victims and offenders), and people who are or have recently become homeless.

Sometimes clients leave home right away and only have the clothes they wore.

Despite the casualization of workwear, presentation remains important, says Amanda.

Boost your confidence

One of my priorities when styling my clients is to build their confidence.

There are people who have never been supported by anyone to look good,” says Amanda.

DFS Wellington executive manager Jackie Eiley says people still judge each other based on looks, so dressing appropriately is important and boosts self-confidence.

She explains that the change a client makes after visiting a stylist is heartwarming.

“They walk out a mile away with a smile on their face.”

Jackie says the influence of casual workwear means a greater focus on cut, quality and style in clothing.

DFS received “excellent” clothing donations, Jacqui said, and the quality was “excellent.”

There are many styles and colors throughout the collection that help us to stay ahead of trends this season and offer something for everyone.

Jacqui says the volunteers enjoy what they do and many are trained stylists.

free career coaching

DFS also offers free career coaching. Most of the tutors have their own recruitment agency and donate their time.

It will also help you prepare your resume, apply, and practice interviews.

The shop is open Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 10am to 3pm. Inventory includes jewelry, shoes and handbags.

You can leave your favorite clothes at the administration office, which is open Monday through Friday from 9am to 2pm. Clothing donations can also be deposited at the Information Desk on his 2nd floor in Queensgate.

The Lower Hutt and Wellington sites responded to the need to help young men, so what they particularly need is clothing for young men, including shoes.

Hutt Hub coordinator Jess Sims says she welcomes walk-in styling appointments.

“We understand that interviews and other events may occur, so we are delighted to have walk-in styling appointments during this time. To ensure that we are supporting our customers and being flexible.”

Hutt Hub coordinator Jess Sims in her cozy private client styling area

We need more volunteers to run the store and can open an extra day each week.

No sales experience is required as training is provided. Jackie says it’s perfect for those who enjoy fashion and meeting new people.

Also, one of the special ways people can support the organization is by making regular donations. As with most charities, regular payments are required.

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