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New Zealand

Catholic schools continue to be affected by NZ stock index

The New Zealand Catholic Education Authority continues to receive inquiries from schools and school owners who have been adversely affected by the introduction of the New Zealand Equity Index (EQI).

What is clear is that many schools in poorer and more disadvantaged urban areas are losing large sums of money from operational subsidies, which seems to defy the concept of equity.

The first point is to determine whether state integrated schools are disproportionately represented by schools receiving reduced operating subsidies as a result of EQI implementation.

A second issue is determining whether the EQI implementation introduces unfairness that was not adequately considered in its design.

According to the mathematical model used, there may be a factor of less ‘risk’ in families that favor national integrated education.

But the current high level of achievement and success of many of our national integrated schools could be jeopardized if we lost critical funding to support and develop the success of students in schools that serve disadvantaged communities. there is a possibility.



https://cathnews.co.nz/2022/12/08/nzceo-school-policy-updates/ Catholic schools continue to be affected by NZ stock index

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