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New Zealand

Catholic men gather for breakfast in record numbers

A Catholic men’s breakfast in Christchurch on May 13 attracted a record number of men to the Sacred Heart Church in Addington.

The breakfast was hosted by the Diocese of Christchurch and was attended by about 200 men.

They visited the Sacred Heart Church in Addington, received spiritual food from Bishop Michael Gielen of Christchurch, met with like-minded people, and explored how they could become part of the life of the Church.

Dr Chris Pemberton, one of the organizers and parishioner of the South Parish of Christchurch, said: “At the moment, I’m really desperate. To be honest, the world is getting crazy by the day.” .

Men who attend these consecration groups find solace and a sense of belonging, providing a foundation for bold plans to foster the growth of Catholic men in the parish, Pemberton said.

Johnny Hutchison, a member of St. Joseph’s Consecration Group, has been a Catholic for over four years.

He emphasized the importance of mutual support among men and emphasized the benefits of small groups where individuals can help each other on their journey of faith.

In an environment where Catholic education and regular Mass attendance are becoming rare among his peers, it is becoming increasingly difficult to encourage his younger sons to deepen their faith.

A notable attendance at the men’s breakfast event is a silver lining for Hutchison. He expressed surprise and satisfaction to see so many people gathered to hear Bishop Michael Gielen speak.

Pemberton echoed this sentiment, emphasizing that today’s men are searching for purpose and meaning in life, regardless of religious background.

He pointed out that even those who are only partially committed to the Catholic faith are making better choices. They are choosing to return, serve, and actively participate in the church.

He said many men are doubling down on their faith commitments.

“But given the way the world is going, they’re saying, ‘Wait a minute, when you look at what’s going on there, the church is clearly better than the chaos in the world, so I’m I’m going to double my efforts.” I’m already doing it.”

He said the man wants to donate to the church.

“They are trying to dedicate themselves in a way that seems most beneficial and acceptable at the same time.

“Many of the men said they were grateful to be able to meet like-minded people, like their other Catholic brothers. Yes, it was really inspiring,” Gielen said. Told.

“We all want to walk together in all aspects of life. We don’t want to walk alone. prize.”

The Diocese of Gielen unveiled a statue of St. Joseph made of olive wood on the sanctuary as part of the diocese’s efforts to further strengthen and expand the practice of consecrating St. Joseph in the home.

Mr Pemberton expressed hope that the Catholic men’s breakfast would become an annual event.

Gielen said similar events were organized for women and encouraged them to “look at this place”.


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