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Casino Wager – Basic Information

You may have heard of casino bonuses, but this doesn’t mean that you know what wager means and what it requires from gamblers. The thing is that far from all gamblers read bonus terms and conditions attentively, and this is where the “wager term” is hidden. But you will hardly be able to benefit from bonus money without knowing what a wager is and how it should be dealt with.

If you find an attractive bonus at http://newzealandcasinoreview.com/, then you should definitely know what nuances are associated with the offer. This review will focus on what a wager is, how to choose a casino with favorable conditions for wagering bonus money and other important information for bonus hunters.

What Is Wagering?

Every online casino is interested in players coming and staying with them; it is for this reason that various bonuses have been invented. But so that players could not just pick up the bonus and withdraw it for real money, wagering was invented. The main idea of a wager is that a player must fulfill certain conditions in order to be able to fully manage bonus funds.

Can Players Get a Smaller Wager?

There is such an opportunity because the rules of each virtual casino are established only by its administration and can be changed by it. And you can often see special offers for active players who play a lot and are not noticed in any dishonest manipulations. Among other interesting points, there are also relaxed wager conditions and a decrease in its number. In a word, any gambling platform is interested in permanent good players. Therefore, competent casino managers always strive to create the most attractive conditions for their customers. And shrinking the wager is a handy tool to achieve this goal.

Online Casino Bonus and Wagering Tips

Among the many virtual casinos, most establishments are quite loyal to players, but there are also those that specifically create conditions that make it difficult to withdraw funds. For this, various secretive tricks with bonuses are used, first attracting gamblers with interesting promises and then turning into such conditions that are almost impossible to fulfill.

These bad practices include:

  • The requirement to play not only bonus money but also the amount of the initial deposit;
  • Sometimes bonuses are awarded to newly registered players then requiring them to make large deposits;
  • Some casinos block bonus money and only then allow them to use bonus chips, which is a rather unfair manipulation.

Therefore, before depositing real money into a gambling account in a new online casino, you need to carefully study all its rules and try to understand if such traps are hidden behind the lines. The shown caution and prudence will help save your time, nerves, and money from unforeseen expenses.


When gambling in a virtual casino, one should always be clearly aware of how comfortable the conditions are for a player. For a normal game for the sake of pleasure, there should be no difficult-to-fulfill conditions, confusing vague formulations in the rules, and clear promises. In many situations, it is wiser to leave a second-rate gaming platform and find a virtual casino that best suits your needs and requirements.

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